Learning Toy Phones

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Remember that toy phone you had – with its smiling face on the dial? It seemed like one of those toys that everyone had. Times may have moved on - and children are familiar with hi-tech smartphones from an ever-earlier age - but that toy phone, made by evergreen brand Fisher-Price is still popular.

It may have been joined by some more hi-tech companions but learning how to use a dial phone is a fabulous way to improve fine motor skills. To keep up with mummy, daddy and older siblings, little ones can have their very own smartphone, starting with one that acts as a teether and graduating through several designs to one that can actually message friends and family, while keeping children safe.

The Baby Brands Direct range of toy phones runs across a wide range of price points and includes brands such as Fisher-Price, Janod, Leap Frog and Vtech, meaning that you will always have something to appeal to your customer.

Why are toy phones so popular?

Most little children are fascinated by real smartphones, so a toy phone is the perfect solution – safe, hard to break, and not likely to run up a huge data bill! Toys that reflect the real world are always popular, and these toy phones offer plenty of learning opportunities, from learning cause and effect by pressing buttons, to discovering numbers, sounds – and even feelings in the case of the Vtech Peel & Play Phones. As with other toys that come under the role play category – children learn from looking at adults and older children, so toy phones offer the ideal opportunity to teach them the ‘correct’ behaviour, whether it’s paying attention to someone who is talking, rather than looking at the phone, or putting the phone away at bedtime or dinner time.

Children and babies learn from what they observe. Give them a toy smartphone and they will pretend to call and take calls, text, play games and even take a video, which they then want to post onto social media, just mummy or daddy does. They might even make sure it is in their pocket or bag before they go out – just like the grown-ups do. They can practise speech and language calls by pretending to call grandparents or a friend, or maybe even order a takeaway! Everything around them is a learning experience for babies, toddlers and small children.

The toy phones we stock at Baby Brands Direct offer features that will appeal to very young babies, with a variety of phones that take them through the various developmental stages. For example, Fisher-Price’s Chatter Telephone is a classic toy that will be loved by parents and grandparents alike, as it takes them back to their own childhood. The smiley face, ringing bell, moving dial will appeal to baby. They can even pull it along as it has wheels – so it’s almost like a mobile phone! Janod’s Wooden Phone has a soft silicone case to protect it and soft push buttons with realistic sounds and VTech’s Peek & Play Phone is perfect for a game of peek-a-boo! Leap Frog’s Chat & Count Smart Phones help baby exploring numbers and letters, watching ‘video’ and even receiving voicemail messages! Eventually older children can graduate to a first smart phone from Vtech. The Talk & Learn Smart Phone can be used to call five members. The VTech KidiCom MAX is the final stepping stone to an adult phone, and can do many of the things a ‘real’ phone can do, but all with child safety in mind, Make calls, send messages take photos and videos, play games, listen to music and browse the internet. We think the grown-ups might be jealous!