Learning Toy Phones

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Who doesn’t love a good natter on the phone with friends and family! With the evolving technological environment, phones have become a staple item in adult life and little ones seeing adults on their mobile phones of course want to imitate this as much as possible. Rather than parent’s risking their own phones we have a wide range of toy phones available that are tailored for each development stage with suitable corresponding educational content.

These toys range from helping with dexterity and motor skills, learning numbers, shapes and enjoying lights and music all the way to pretend conversations stimulated by the phones. These little activity phones are surely the answer to many parent’s prayers!

We have a great supply of toy phones available to help along learning and early communication skills at trade price from leading nursery brand names including Fisher-Price, LeapFrog and Vtech.

Furthermore, the NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service reports that the total toy market for 2014 was in the $22 billion range and it continues growing. With the exponential growth comes the wide variety of goods that Baby Brands Direct carefully selected to present you with profit driven toys and crafts that will grow your business too.

In the following pages you will find open-ended toys and games to help promote creativity, problem-solving skills and electronics that attract tech-savvy kids. You are also able to access items that follow the mini madness trend of toys that come in small packages at a lower price point. The subcategories include smart play items with educational purposes which have been massively favorited by parents. Retailers can make the most of the ever green aquatic-themed trend or choose from several dolls, games, outdoor toys and more.