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If there’s one thing that is true about parents with a new born baby, it is that they worry a lot. If there is one product that can ease those fears it is the safety gate. Whether there is a room that off limits or they are worried that the stair provide a very real danger, parents can rest assured that baby will not be able to manoeuvre around the safety gate. Experts in this area, Lindam and Safety First, bring us the latest advances in this area, from extending and deluxe easy fit gates to extra tall and soft flexi products.

The showcased range features safety gates in variety of colours and sizes. Each gate has its own unique features to cater for different type of needs. For instance, the popular Lindam Sure Shut line gates have automatic, self-closing system that securely locks into place. The 4 point Pressure-Fit-U shaped power frae provides solid pressure fitting and can be further extended with separate extension. The items are easy to assemble and maintain.

Statics available on the importance of child safety can be quite daunting, including that accidents are the single biggest killer of children in the UK and that nearly half of accidents that involve taking a child to hospital occur at home. Whilst safety products do not replace supervision, they can certain aid in creating a much safer environment. Retailers should be sure to point out features of equipment such as safety gates in the basic provision of babies and toddlers falling down stairs or preventing them reaching unsafe destinations. Similarly, nightlights can ensure children avoid tripping or bumping into things at night.

Matthew Toulson, General Manager at Lindam comments, “We are very excited to be working with Baby Brands Direct as our preferred supplier into the UK independent market since 2011. Their reputation and excellent customer service, coupled with Lindam’s position as the UK’s number 1 home safety brand, creates an extremely strong partnership which will undoubtedly drive continued growth in the UK and European market.

Baby Brands Direct is the ultimate wholesaler of safety gates. We have been successfully supplying the independent sector with high quality items by award-winning brands. Our safety gates collection features the latest developments that deliver quality and security for the parent.

The contemporary parent is very cautious about safety and with the increase of spending power, it is no wonder why sales of this particular product have been on the rise. A safety gate has become much of a necessity. Therefore, retailers should be able to provide wide-range choice for their clients along with comprehensive knowledge on the products. We have been dedicated to support our customers in every way possible, that is why you can use our professionally written products descriptions and media. This will not only provide you with the necessary information but it will also speed up the sales process.