Maternity Wear & Nursing Bras
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A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy and after giving birth. It can be an uncomfortable time, with pain and stress making day to day life that little bit harder. Therefore, it is important that new mums have access to products that will help them feel much more comfortable. Baby Brands Direct have a variety of different maternity wear products available to buy wholesale, which have been designed for maximum comfort. 

Our leading brands, such as Medela and Copper Pearl, have worked tirelessly to create innovative products that are beneficial for mum’s wellbeing at an important time in her life. With a new bundle of joy to look after, it is imperative that mum feels at her best in order to cope with the stresses and strains of motherhood. Baby Brands Direct offers independent retailers access to maternity bras, supportive belly bands and breastfeeding covers - all available at competitive prices. Each product is excellent value for money and will ensure that mum is well looked after.

Maternity Wear & Nursing Bras

Wholesale maternity wear and nursing bras available at Baby Brands Direct

As an award-winning wholesaler to the UK independent nursery retail market, Baby Brands Direct is dedicated to providing shop owners and small businesses with high quality products from the best brands available. As such, our range of maternity wear and nursing bras is composed of excellent products from leading brands, Medela and Copper Pearl. 

As mum’s belly grows, some women may seek out products to help relieve pain and discomfort. Supportive belly bands are a great way of giving mum extra support to her hips, back and legs. Belly bands are also great items to have post birth, to support her belly as it returns to normal and to provide additional help while she’s going about her day to day life. Our range of wholesale Medela belly bands are perfect for new mums looking for comfort and stability. Available in a range of sizes and colours, there’s plenty of choice for consumers. 

Mum’s belly isn’t the only thing that changes. Her breasts may also feel heavier, due to hormonal changes, as well as the production of breast milk. As such, mum will benefit from a nursing bra that provides uplifting support and allows her to quickly and comfortably feed her baby through drop down cups and easy openings. These bras manufactured by Medela are perfect for daily wear - and there’s a model to suit different needs, such as sleep models or models with holes for breast pumps for easy expressing. Our range of nursing bras are available to buy wholesale at competitive prices. 

Also available to buy wholesale are lightweight and portable breastfeeding covers from leading brand, Copper Pearl. These covers provide much needed privacy for breastfeeding mums, so that they feel safe and protected while breastfeeding in public. It also provides a distraction free environment for babies while they feed, meaning they can focus on mum and her breast without interruptions. Our range of breastfeeding covers come in a variety of styles and colours to best suit the tastes of every consumer. They are perfect for on the go use thanks to their foldable - or wearable - design. 

It’s crucial that the choice of maternity wear retailers offer their customers is of high quality and deliver on both comfort and functionality. That’s why at Baby Brands Direct, we only stock products from respected, industry leading brands, such as Medela and Copper Pearl - both of which are exclusively available to the UK retail market through Baby Brands Direct. Register with us today to take advantage of our huge range of nursery and baby products, as well as exclusive promotions, easy ordering and no minimum order values.