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Die-cast toys is the category that boasts the number one selling toy in the world, so it’s something that every retailer should have on their shelves. Small die-cast toys have a timeless appeal – and Baby Brands Direct is proud to offer Mattel’s Hot wheels brand, which has been around for more than 50 years. It has great nostalgic value for parents and grandparents, while still appealing to today’s children with its numerous styles, paint jobs and designs.

The great thing about die-cast toys is that they make the ideal pocket money purchase – and with more than 20,000 designs to collect, you’re guaranteed to have kids coming back time and time again to add to their collection.

Then Hot wheels fans can save up for some tracks, and ask for the bigger playsets for Christmas and birthdays. If you have a child who loves Hot wheels in your store, you have a lot of prospective purchases!

Baby Brands Direct became an appointed wholesaler of Mattel brands in 2009 and has been distributing its baby and nursery products to the independent retail sector since. It is a valued supplier for the wide spectrum and variety of high quality branded and licenced toys and nursery goods it provides. The Company is appreciably the Number 1 Toy Company in the UK holding 10.8% market share (source NPD YTD Nov 2014). Retailers can have confidence in the industry giant’s position, particularly with its statement, “At Mattel, we are Creating the Future of Play.”

Why are die-cast toys so popular?

Did you know that even in this age of video games and tech toys and gadgets, the average American child still owns 50 Hot wheels cars? There is something about collecting small, colourful cars that appeals to children over a broad age group. Perhaps it’s the pocket money prices, the ability to compare and swap with your friends, or the ability to race them – across the living room floor, or around some of the special tracks and playsets that we stock at Baby Brands Direct.

More than 6 billion

In 2019, the global brand saw sales go up by nearly a third. With 10 million Hot wheels produced each week, and more than 6 billion produced in total, there’s always going to be a car that your customers won’t have seen, and which will be a must-have for their collection. Hot wheels cars don’t just appeal to kids though; there are plenty of adult collectors who are always keen to get their hands on the latest designs. According to Transparency Market Research, the increasing trend of designer toys becoming collectable items is one of the major factors that is driving the global die-cast toys market. As interest in collectable items continues to grow around the globe, the demand for die-cast toys is going to grow. Licensed cars, such as the Hot wheels Mario Kart collection and TV Stars Blaze and the Monster Machines will continue to drive the demand.

How do die-cast cars appeal across different age groups?

So how does a toy like this span the generations? One of its benefits is that it is able to grow with the child. Little ones will be fascinated by the fact that they can push the cars around, and will learn to push them so that they speed along under their own steam. As children grow, they learn how much fun it can be to crash them – letting them fall off the table, or causing two cars to crash. Racing is another fun activity – and when played with another child this can encourage language skills, negotiation and learning about friendly competition. Pushing and pulling small cars also helps to develop the fine motor skills that will be vital for holding a pencil or pen and using scissors at school. Cars can also act as role-play toys. Kids may not be able to get in and drive, but they can use their imagination to put themselves in the driving seat, develop cognitive skills as they learn about the world around them, and develop independence as they get to be the ones in control.

STEM learning opportunities

STEM learning is big news at the moment. The 2020 lockdown drove parents to find toys that offered an introduction to STEM - anything that could help their kids learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They may have overlooked the benefits of these small toys cars… kids can learn trajectory as their cars go flying around and off the track in the Hot Wheels Track Builder Triple Loop Stunt Loops set. Other playsets such as the Hot Wheels Track Builder Triple Loop Stunt Loops can help them explore distance, velocity, distance, weight and gravity.