Medela Bottles, Teats and Accessories

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Medela is the No.1 breast feeding brand within the UK with a 34% market share in retail and representing a 78% market share within UK hospitals of which it services over 90%. The brand commands respect within the industry with its products supported by the latest lactation research and white papers.

The brand offers the well-known ‘Calma’ teat that is said to be the first and only teat to support breastfeeding with its pioneering design that allows baby to feed and specifically pause naturally according it its own rhythm.

All of Medela’s products are designed and manufactured to support specific consumer needs of the breastfeeding mum whilst providing choice of premium and quality products within its portfolio.

The Medela packaging provides stand out on fixture, communicating the products functions and benefits to ensure the right purchase is made by the consumer for maximum satisfaction.

With so many different types of feeding equipment available, Baby Brands Direct has been assisting retailers to select the most demanded products in a timely manner. We have eased the stocking process so that you take the most of the ever growing industry. The booming baby market has proved that providing customer’s experience is the very best selling point. Experience goes a long way through design and implementation ideas.

Safety is in baby’s feeding products. Baby Brands Direct works with the leading names in the industry to deliver high quality and innovation to our global client base. Our premium selection is often found in parental guides, popular blogs and magazines where our bottles, teats and accessories are highly rated for their practicality and quality.