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Milton was founded in 1916 and has been a leading name in sterilisation and hygiene for baby since with continued used by millions of people in homes and hospitals throughout the UK and beyond. Originally established as a disinfectant and treatment for burns during the First World War, it pioneered a solution to effective sterilisation of baby bottles at the request of the Ministry of Health, following the death of 4,500 babies during the 1940s outbreak of gastroenteritis.

The 15 minute, Milton Method of cold water sterilisation then replaced the common approach to sterilisation of boiling bottles. Both hospitals and clinical research and data support Milton’s method as a superior approach to sterilisation. Easy, convenient and highly effective and reliable, the modern product range includes the iconic Milton Mini Portable Soother steriliser of which unit sales have exceed 300,000 since its launch in 2013. Baby Brands Direct is the sole UK distributor to independent retailers of this heritage and increasingly trendy brand.


Point of sale is a simple marketing strategy that helps business bottom line and drives sales. Baby Brands Direct has been always assisting clients in growing their businesses. That is why, along with our partnering brands, we have put together a collection of sales material for you. Discover effective marketing tools like display stands, brands’ catalogues, window stickers, shelf wobblers, edges and headers as well as information leaflets. Accelerate your sales with our collection of bright, appealing designs to grab attention and increase awareness of brands and products. You can communicate clear and consistent messages that turn interest into a purchase. Point of sales gives value to your customers and enhances the shopping experience by adding visually interactive content.

Point of sales has been a very successful category ever since introduced on our website for both newcomers and senior retailers in the industry. We will continue upgrading our catalogue with the latest material that our partners offer and communicate with you effective practices that suit your business’ objectives.


Point of Sale

Milton was named in honour of the poet, John Milton (1608-1674), as its products were first manufactured in the house in which he wrote “Paradise Lost”; an epic poem that is considered to be one of the greatest English literary works. The Company’s heritage also includes formerly owners Procter and Gamble Ltd, giants in cleaning agents and personal care products, with annual revenues in the region of 80 billion. Under their ownership, the dissolvable Milton Sterilising tablets were developed and launched; as used today.

Commercial Manager Tess Clarke said, “When as a business we decided to work with a wholesaler, to support and develop our direct distribution to independent retailers, our first choice was Baby Brands Direct. Their commitment and keenness to work with Milton, as well as their range of distribution channels and professional attitude, has given us the confidence that they will help to increase the awareness of Milton amongst independent retailers and showcase our range of new and innovative products”.


Baby Brands Direct is a nursery distributor of premium profit related goods and premium service. Point of Sales is a key marketing technique for any business, regardless if you are an establishment or an online retailer. The baby industry is booming and it is really the customer driving it forward. Competition is fierce and that is why businesses should illustrate why clients should choose them instead of others.

Use the winning AIDA formula of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action to get customers involved. You would certainly agree that visually appealing shelves are more likely to sell items when compared to a dilapidated or bland display shelf that’s in disarray. When a display shelf is colourful and organized, your customers are more likely to pick something up from it because they are confident that all the products here are new, clean and worth it. Together we can use the right signage to sign off many successful sales for you!