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A good night’s sleep is essential for young children, but it can be difficult sometimes for babies and toddlers to get to sleep - especially if they’ve had an exciting day of activities, or if they’re feeling under the weather. Therefore, it’s important that parents create an atmosphere in their little one’s room that is calm, soothing and peaceful. Thankfully, there are plenty of products on the market to help mums and dads achieve this goal. 

Baby Brands Direct have an excellent selection of cot mobiles, night lights, projectors and audio soothers to help calm babies and lull them into a comfortable night’s sleep. Our range of mobiles, lights and projectors are created by leading baby and nursery brands, such as Fisher-Price, Infantino, Tommee Tippee and VTech. With a variety of options to choose from, there’s plenty of choice for consumers, ensuring that they’ll be able to find something that fits their child’s needs.

Mobiles, Lights & Projectors

What are the benefits of cot mobiles, projectors and light soothers? 

Sleep is crucial for a child’s development. During sleep, the brain processes the new information and experiences from the previous day, allowing children to learn and grow their understanding of the world around them. The body also grows and develops during this time, with the pituitary gland working most effectively at night to secrete essential hormones that will allow children to grow big and strong. A good rest is also important to ensure children aren’t overtired, resulting in a better mood and fewer tantrums. 

Young children sleep much more than adults as their bodies are constantly changing and the minds are always absorbing new information. Therefore, it is important for mums and dads to create a good bedtime routine for their child. The use of cot mobiles, projectors and soothers can be very helpful in establishing these routines. Gentle sounds, lights and movement will create a soothing, ambient environment for children. By using the product each night, parents can condition their child to associate these lights and sounds with feeling sleepy. This will make it increasingly easier for them to fall asleep - and hopefully sleep the whole night through! 

Wholesale cot mobiles, projectors and lights available at Baby Brands Direct

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning wholesaler that offers independent retailers an extensive range of products from leading brands and essential categories. Our sleep range features some of the best items available on the market. Cot mobiles, projectors and lights are inexpensive solutions to restless nights that parents will feel are excellent value for money. When baby sleeps well, the rest of the family benefits. There is a huge selection of products available within this category, with cute designs that will suit any nursery’s theme.

Our cot mobiles from brands such as Fisher-Price, Tiny Love and Infantino feature cute dangling animal toys that children will love to watch as they move above their heads. This repetitive movement helps to lull them to sleep while soothing melodies play. Our night lights and soothers create a gentle soothing glow for children that are perhaps scared of the dark, or just find it easier to sleep with a little bit of light. These products often come in adorable cuddly animal designs that children can hug - or small portable options that older children can take with them if they need to visit the bathroom. With brands such as Tommee Tippee, Summer Infant, Kaloo and VTech represented, retailers can be sure that the products on offer are of high quality and are from reputable brands. 

Register today with Baby Brands Direct to take advantage of a catalogue that is made up of over 60 award-winning brands and covers a variety of essential categories within the baby and nursery industry. Retailers can enjoy exclusive perks, as well as access to brands and products not available through other wholesalers in the UK.