Monitors, Thermometers & Humidifiers
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Monitors, thermometers and humidifiers are important products within the baby and nursery market, designed to keep babies safe and put parents’ minds at ease by offering tools to make baby care simple and easy. The global baby care products market, which comprises many products including monitors, thermometers and humidifiers, is thought to be worth approximately 73.31 billion pounds by 2026* - so items such as these are part of a huge, lucrative market for retailers. The most precious thing in a parent’s life is their child and when they are infants, they are vulnerable and need extra care. Tools that make providing this additional care to babies easier are always bestsellers and are in high demand.

As a leading wholesaler to the independent nursery and baby market, Baby Brands Direct have an extensive collection of baby care products including baby monitors, body, bath and room thermometers, bath temperature indicators and humidifiers from leading brands such as Vital Baby, Vicks, Tommee Tippee and Philips Avent. 



Monitors, Thermometers & Humidifiers

Why are thermometers, monitors and humidifiers best sellers?

Parents want to ensure that their baby is safe, comfortable and content at all times. Their primary concern is their child’s welfare and wellbeing, so any product that can help them support their little one’s needs is high on their list of essentials to buy. Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler to the independent nursery and baby market. As such, we know what parents want and are able to provide these highly sought after items to our retail customers. Our range of baby care products is designed, manufactured and delivered by the top brands in the industry - including Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Braun and Vicks. 

Baby Brands Direct offers a variety of body, bath and room thermometers to suit the consumer’s requirements. Body thermometers are available in a variety of different styles and models, with both contact and non-contact options to best suit the needs of the customer. With cutting edge technology, these thermometers are guaranteed to give accurate readings, ensuring that parents are able to get correct information about their child’s temperature. Bath and room thermometers are excellent for getting readings for the ambient temperature of a room, or checking that baby’s bath water is not too hot or cold. We also have bath water temperature indicators that can provide accurate information and help parents get the temperature of their baby’s bath just right. 

Other items that give parents much needed peace of mind and help them ensure their little one is safe and happy are baby monitors. These advanced pieces of kit provide parents with an easy and straightforward way of monitoring their child from a distance - particularly helpful when baby is sleeping in their crib or when parents are away from home for the night. Baby monitors are hugely popular with the consumer and have been for several decades. 

Our fantastic selection of humidifiers from Vicks provide an easy way to keep the air around the home at a stable and comfortable level of humidity. This helps to ensure that the air is clean and with enough moisture to reduce the risk of germs spreading around the home. Humidifiers also help to alleviate dry skin, irritation in the eyes, nose and throat and allergy symptoms. Parents simply plug these items in, top up with water and enjoy the benefits.

Baby Brands Direct offers our customers competitive wholesale prices on a huge selection of baby and nursery products. All our items come from the best brands in the industry, so retailers can rest assured that they are high quality and designed to the highest of safety and manufacturing standards. Create an account with us today to take advantage of products from a wide range of categories - perfect for baby stores, pharmacies, nurseries and other independent businesses.