Moses Baskets, Safety Rails & Blankets
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Parents understand how important a good night’s sleep is for them and their new child. Therefore, they will spend a lot of time and money ensuring that baby’s nursery is comfortable, cosy and full of all the essentials that make bedtime, changing and getting dressed a breeze. Offering variety within the sleep category is fundamental. Some parents will focus on the theme of their nursery, while others will place safety and quality over style and look for functional, effective designs and products. 

As a dedicated and award-winning wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct only stocks the highest quality nursery furniture, bedding and blankets. Our range of baby sleep products are manufactured by reputable brands in the industry, including Tommee Tippee, Copper Pearl and East Coast. We offer independent retailers a variety of styles and price points to ensure all consumers’ needs are covered and retailers are able to supply their clientele with a great selection of goods. Registered retailers are able to through our extensive catalogue of blankets, moses baskets and stands, swaddles, cot sheets and mattresses and take advantage of exclusive perks and discounts.

Moses Baskets, Safety Rails & Blankets

Wholesale moses baskets, safety rails and blankets available at Baby Brands Direct

Sleep is essential for babies’ physical and cognitive development, including memory, language and executive function. Studies also show that sleep deprivation in infants has been linked to a range of different issues, such as low cognitive performance, poor emotional regulation and decreased quality of life. From a parent’s perspective, a restless baby means that their own night is interrupted, leading to stress, fatigue and irritation for the whole family. Therefore, parents are keen to ensure that their child’s nursery is perfectly designed to offer a relaxing, comforting environment for their little one. UK based wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, is the one stop shop for essential baby and nursery products. We have a fantastic sleep range that will ensure silent nights in every family home. 

Products such as moses baskets and cot mattresses ensure that baby has a comfortable and safe place to sleep. Made from baby-safe materials and designed to offer support to a child’s small, continuously growing frame, these products are specially manufactured for young children - ensuring that they are able to sleep soundly through the night. Safety rails are another excellent addition to the range, as they ensure that older children who are moving from a cot to a bed will not fall out and hurt themselves during the night. These items offer much needed peace of mind to parents and are a great, portable solution to bedtime tumbles. We also stock Tommee Tippee’s Blackout Blinds, which are perfect for blocking disturbing light and creating a dark environment for bedtime - even while travelling or in another room!

Baby Brands Direct also stock a variety of baby bedding products such as cot blankets, comfort blankets and cot sheets. These products are available in a variety of colours and patterns, designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers - as well as fitting a variety of themes so as to best suit the baby’s nursery room. All items are made from super soft, baby safe materials and are perfect for giving young children a comforting bedtime experience. Our blankets and bedding make for wonderful gifts - perfect for baby showers, birthdays and christenings. 

Independent retailers can register with Baby Brands Direct today to take advantage of excellent branded products at competitive wholesale prices. We also offer volume discounts, loyalty credit, drop shipping and frequent promotions. With no minimum order value, retailers big and small can benefit from an account with us!