Munchkin Latch Ultimate Starter Set

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  • Munchkin Latch Ultimate Starter Set
  • Munchkin Latch Ultimate Starter Set
  • Munchkin Latch Ultimate Starter Set
Product code : MKN-FED54

The LATCH™ Complete Starter Set ensures mums have everything they need to get started, from a range of LATCH™ bottles to the LATCH™ soothers. The LATCH™ Steam Guard™ Electric Steriliser Kit by Munchkin is a safe, natural and efficient way to kill up 99.9% of bacteria on bottles, teats, pacifiers, teethers, small toys and breast pump accessories. With a single button push, you can quickly sterilise up to 9 bottles and accessories at once, from start to finish, it only takes 6 minutes to run through. This large capacity sterilising system features an adjustable tray to fit multiple sizes and clips bottles in to keep them upright. And there are plenty of handy safety features to keep steam burns at bay, from a heat-resistant handle and tongs, to a dome lid that latches securely to trap hot steam. When sterilisation is complete and the germs are gone, the steriliser shuts itself off automatically, too. Baby-safe cleaning should always come this naturally. Soothers are a go-to soothing device for parents of newborns.

The Munchkin LATCH™ Newborn soother was designed with paediatric dentists and mums, with a goal of developing a lightweight, more comfortable soother for baby. First, it's a one-piece silicone soother that is more lightweight than the leading one-piece silicone soother. This allows baby to easily keep in her mouth. Second, it has a natural shaped teat to help soothe baby. Finally, it has a heart shaped shield to comfortably fit under baby's nose.

  • Great value starter kit for new mums and dads
  • Bottles feature anti-colic valve and accordion teat
  • Soothers feature orthodontic teat
  • LATCH™ Electric Steriliser
  • 4 x LATCH™ 4oz Bottles
  • 4 x LATCH™ 8oz Bottles
  • 2 x LATCH™ Stage 2 Teats
  • LATCH™ Bottle Brush
  • Powder Formula Dispenser
  • 2 x LATCH™ 0m+ Soother
  • LATCH™ Rattle Clip Soother