Munchkin Protect Booster to Chair Cover

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Product code : MKN-ACC20

Kids can be so hard on furniture, especially during mealtime. Don't sacrifice those beautiful dining chairs; add a protective layer underneath their booster seats instead. Munchkin's Protect Booster Chair Cover features Grime Guard fabric and fits easily onto most standard-sized dining chairs to prolong your furniture's life. Extra-Grip traction pads keep both the chair protector and booster seat securely in place, while the top fabric works hard at catching those inevitable spills. Munchkin even added special flaps to keep everything in place, because chair straps have a tendency to wear down the sides of chairs. A quick trip to the washing machine will remove any evidence of a messy meal, and your dining room will feel almost as clean as it was before kids.

  • Chair protector fits most chair styles to protect against spills, and normal wear and tear
  • Grime Guard material catches messes and washes clean
  • Extra-Grip traction pads add stability to keep little diners safe
  • Side flaps with channels designed for booster straps
  • Machine washable