Munchkin Toddler Cups

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There are so many different styles of Sippy cup today that you can literally choose them in any style, shape, or type imaginable. As with anything, a great place to begin is with the best. Munchkin is nothing else but one of the best baby brands.

With the Munchkin Click Straw Cup, parents will be on their way to teaching their tot to drink from an almost grown up cup without all those drips and spills. The lids can be mixed up too so there is no need to hunt for the matching lid. Mastering the art of spill free drinking can be tricky, but the new design of the Click Lock Flip Straw cup makes it easier to hold, and baby will love the bright, eye catching colours. The Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup is sure to entice baby away from his bottle as it features a soft, spill-proof straw that requires little effort by baby to suck and features fun, contemporary, vibrant designs. We constantly update our range with new products when they become available, so shop now for the latest trends in toddler cups. All in all, this is one of the most popular Sippy cups on the market, and parents agree that it performs just as well as it claims.

Munchkin Toddler Cups

Munchkin is rapidly growing brand with over 120 nursery awards up to date. The company responds to the consumer demands by introducing innovative designs at fantastic price points.

Baby Brands Direct exclusively wholesales the baby star company to the global nursery shops, pharmacies, gift stores, online and offline stores. To find out more about each Munchkin toddler cup, browse our dedicated page and stock the latest that the brand has released.