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At Baby Brands Direct, we offer you an extensive product range that enables you to tend to every need of your clientele. As part of our range, we have a vast collection of Munchkin bottles and accessories including latch teats, bottle brushes, drying racks and powder formula dispensers. Cleaning baby's feeding equipment properly is very important as they can develop viruses and illnesses from bacteria lurking in improperly cleaned equipment. Using a bottle brush allows parents to completely remove the residue of milk or juice from the baby bottle. Our bottle brushes by Munchkin are available in different sizes and feature bristles that can reach around angles parts of the bottle. Munchkin has designed their bottle brushes for effective cleaning, meaning that bottles do not have to be replaced as often.

The Munchkin Latch is a top seller with key feedback mechanism that allows milk release only when pressure is applied to the teat. A dribble and leak free bottle that moms prefer and strongly recommend. As a reputable wholesaler we guarantee excellent quality and unbeatable prices when you shop with us.

In 2010 Munchkin acquired Lindam, the number 1 safety brand, in order to support two strategic objectives for the Company. Steven B. Dunn, chairman and CEO, Munchkin, Inc. said at the time, "First, this transaction instantly provides a substantial footprint in Europe from which we can accelerate the growing international distribution of our existing portfolio.  Second, it allows Munchkin to quickly enter the large U.S. infant and pet safety gate category with an award-winning European line.  This is an excellent strategic addition for Munchkin given the complementary nature of the two companies' product portfolios."

Baby Brands Direct Matthew Toulson, General Manager for Munchkin UK said, “We are very excited to be working with Baby Brands Direct as our preferred supplier into the UK independent market of pharmacies, gift and baby and nursery specialists. Their experience, reputation and excellent customer service coupled with our aggressive growth plans into the UK and European market creates an extremely strong partnership”.

Munchkin’s successful approach and clear understanding of both baby and parents has contributed to the brand receiving over 120 nursery awards for their quality, ergonomic and novel designs. Supporting the principle of innovation the company has invested in over 100 patents, transforming mundane product into clever solutions. The company works exclusive with the online wholesaler Baby Brands Direct to distribute its products to the global independent sector. If you are a retailer looking for excellent price points and value, you have landed the right page to stock from. Browse and find out more about Munchkin’s bottles and accessories that will please your clientele.