Musical Bath Toys

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Enjoy the sound of music at bathtime! Musical bath toys add an extra element of fun to the bathtime routine, and offer something a little different for your customers.

Small children love music - the sound of a parent singing to them at bedtime, learning how to clap and dance along to music - so why not add it to a bathtime routine? That’s why here at Baby Brands Direct we have found some fun musical bath toys to supply on a wholesale basis. They add another layer to the offering retailers provide for their customers.

Do you love to sing in the shower? Our selection of musical bathtime toys features some fun toys from Tomy that encourage little ones to sing along while they are in the bath.

Why are musical bath toys so popular?

As we’ve mentioned before, babies and small children spend a lot of time in the bath, so it makes sense to ensure it is a fun experience. Music, of course, is always fun for little ones, so what could be better than introducing it into the daily routine in this way?

It’s not just for fun though - researchers at the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California discovered that young children who were exposed to music demonstrated accelerated development of the brain in areas that control language development and reading skills. Most parents are aware of the developmental benefits of appreciating and learning music, so will be keen to find any opportunity to encourage their little ones to enjoy music - and what better time than when you are in the bathroom? Not only is it distraction-free, but there are some great acoustics to enjoy too. No wonder singing in the shower is such a popular pastime!

Discover the benefits of singing

Our musical bath toys - including Toomies Tuneless Penguin and Tomy Bath Toy Swim and Sing Turtle - encourage little ones to sing along. As well as being a lot of fun, singing helps children exercise their tongue and lips, which in turn will aid their speech development. Interestingly, singing can also help to improve memory. We learn the alphabet by singing the letters, not just saying them - and many children who struggle learning their times tables find it far easier when they sing along to a special song instead of reciting them. Also anyone who has ever sung in a choir, got up on stage to do karaoke, or just sang along to their favourite tunes in the car, knows just how good singing can make you feel.

Bathtime is a feast for the senses, and a chance for little ones to explore a number of new experiences. They can feel the air and the warm water on their skin. They can smell the bubbles, listen to the sounds of the water coming out of the taps, let the water trickle through their fingers and so much more. Introducing music into the bathroom just adds another sensory layer for little ones.

Do musical bath toys make a good gift?

The price point of our musical bath toys means they represent good value for a small gift perfect for a smaller birthday present, or to take along when visiting the family. The cute characters will appeal to children who are bound to spot them when they are shopping and want to take them home with them in time for bathtime!