Musical Bath Toys

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Every day is an aquatic adventure with our Tomy Poppin' Penguins- our best-selling musical bath toy that adds a touch of creative play to the most necessary children's activity. Tomy is committed to creating the most innovative design led toys- and keeping it affordable. This fantastic range of musical bath toys is uniquely designed to help develop children's core skills.

Music is essential for baby’s development as it provides soothing comfort for the little ones. Our musical bath toys also foster fine motor skills, eye-and-hand coordination and thanks to the bright colours, they assist in enhancing visual development too. The current range is regularly updated, be sure to check your account so you not miss on any latest additions on our website.

Baby Brands Direct is a direct to trade supplier of premium musical bath toys. The independent sector has trusted us for years to deliver to them the best from the best baby brands. Our musical toys catalogue is no exception and it showcases fast-sellers by Tomy. Retailers are well aware of the growing gifts market which facilitates larger opportunities for them to capitalise on their stock. Retailers chose us as we provide a rich portfolio of bathtime toys that deliver high profits. Our core objective is to assure customers receive the best price and products to suit their needs, wants and budget.