Musical Plush Toys

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There is a lot to be said for a baby‘s development through touch and sight, but one of the most stimulating senses is sound. This is as true for new-borns as it is for adults and this line of plush musical toys is perfect for a growing baby. Our range of musical toys features toys that are fantastic in-home and on- the-go fun. The items in this collection can be attached to a crib or a pram, assist in tummy time, sliding beads for cause-and-effect play of course all are made of safe materials.

The musical plush toys available for wholesale are supplied by premium brands such as: Fisher-Price, Keel, Lamaze, Baby Einstein, Rainbow and Guess How Much I Love You. Our catalogue is regularly updated in order to provide retailers with the latest products’ developments and the items that are guaranteed to sell fast.

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning global wholesaler of musical plush toys to the independent trade. We believe in providing our clients with sufficient versatility and only with items by reputable industry leaders. This is a successful formula for any independent retailer too. The music plush toys come at fantastic prices which makes them a great investment and value for money. Our musical plush toys are not just toys, they are created by experts and top rated by parents. With global dropship services, volume discounts, loyalty schemes and ongoing business incentives, you can benefit in numerous ways by stocking with us.