Musical Plush Toys

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The sound of music can be a beautiful thing for a baby or small child. It can make them happy and excited; it can calm them as they go to sleep. Combine music with a cuddly, lovable plush toy and you have a winning combination.

The plush musical toys we supply at Baby Brands Direct offer the retailer a broad choice of toy types to appeal to all kinds of customers. There are plush toys that will lull babies to sleep with gentle, calm melodies, toys that reward babies for grabbing or pushing buttons with musical sounds, and even plush toys that encourage the child to sing along.

As wholesale suppliers, Baby Brands Direct has a responsibility to provide retailers with good-quality, safe toys from tried-and-trusted brands. For plush musical toys, you can choose from well-known names including Lamaze, Fisher-Price, VTech, Kaloo and Keel Toys. Names parents will know and trust.

Why are plush musical toys such good sellers?

We all know that plush toys are an attractive option for customers. They have real shelf appeal, and make lovely gifts. However, sometimes people want to feel as if they are giving a more thoughtful gift, so buying a plush toy that has added value is the answer. For new parents, the goal is to get the baby to go to sleep, so any toy that can help with that is going to be well received. And as babies get older, and need to sleep in their own room, a cuddly friend can be a big help. Make that a cuddly friend who plays a soothing lullaby and you are onto a winner! Kaloo’s Musical Chubby Bear is the perfect example. Not only is he the cutest thing, but he plays a gentle melody that lulls babies to sleep. Presented in a box adorned with satin ribbon, he makes the ideal gift. Kaloo has several furry friends, including My Musical Rabbit and My Musical Fox, who can be attached to a cot and play a relaxed bedtime melody.

Plush toys that can talk and play music make adorable friends for older babies and toddlers. Their huggable bodies provide tactile stimulation, while other features can encourage language and musical development. Take the two Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages First Word toys. There’s a brother and sister, who help little ones learn new vocabulary through singalong songs and phrases, colours, parts of the body and lots more. A plush toy that certainly had added play and educational value.

The benefits of musical plush toys

As we have mentioned already, gentle melodies can have a relaxing and calming effect, helping babies and toddler get to sleep at bed or naptime. There are, however, some very real benefits to introducing small children to music. A 2019 study from the Music Cognition & Communication Lab at Middlesex University London, revealed the links between musical skills and language development in preschoolers. It showed that children who demonstrated an awareness and understanding of rhythm and melody also showed better phonological and grammar awareness and ability. It also proved that informal musical activity at home, such as music making, listening and singing, could form the scaffold for learning early verbal skills.

Making music can start very early with toys such as the Lamaze Octotunes. This adorable octopus can play a full octave of notes to help parents and babies make music together. Grab and squeeze each tentacle to produce a musical sound. Great for improving musical awareness and encouraging motor skills and muscle development that will eventually be needed when little ones learn to write. You can also encourage children to sing along with toys such as the VTech Little Singing Puppy, whose light-up buttons also encourage fine motor skill development.