Novelty Casting Kits, Gifts and Frames

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Our dedicated to novelty castings kits and frames page showcase items suitable for gifts and items that parents like to buy themselves too. Considering the rapid expansion of the gifts market and importance personalisation plays, there is so much more that the today's baby retailer can stock with. The classic frames never go out of fashion, instead sales are only increasing.

Our beautiful ideas are also very crafty and allow endless creativity so each of your clients can create a personal memory of this special time of their life. In particular, baby art keepsakes have been a popular choice among parents. This has become somewhat the latest trend in recording the baby's development. With a wide choice on offer, you can swiftly expand your gift stock range.

The baby gifts market has been vastly growing and the future projections suggest double that interest and sales. The western nations started on the baby shower events which quickly become a global trend with other countries following. Last year research reports that each guest on baby shower spends on average £50-£100 for gifts. The whole amounts for over £400m in the UK alone. This striking statistics incline that independent trade should eagerly take part and offer gift ideas suitable for this particular target audience too. Baby Brands Direct supplies a versatile collection of ideas so that you can cater for all type of clients and all type of occasions.