Nuby Natural Touch Cup

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Nûby™ Natural Touch™ has developed a range of first solid and first drinking products that are functional, safe, easy to use and clean.

Nûby have included a delightful line of toddler cups in their products available for wholesale, including the ‘First Cup’, designed for the first stage of drinking. With a soft silicone spout and no chance of an annoying spill, this cup from Nûby is perfect for a baby’s first cup after moving on from a bottle. The NUBY Natural Touch bottle teats are compatible with this cup, to help with the transition from bottle to cup drinking. Touch Flo™ Technology activates as soon as the user puts the spout into their mouth. The cup has got fantastic features to please the today’s parent expectations. Click through to view further details on Nuby’s cups range.


The Nuby feeding brand has a heritage of over 50years in the innovative development of baby and toddler products with a keen focus on simplifying everyday tasks. It is a rapidly expanding Company that takes pride in social responsibility donating to the Deaf Children’s Literacy Project and actively raising awareness on Down Syndrome. The Company also engages in the modern form of advocacy of their brand by collaborating with over 160 parent bloggers who are able to share detailed information about their real life use of the baby products. Wholesaler Baby Brands Direct supplies the award winning Nuby range to UK independent trade including pharmacies and baby and nursery store specialists.

Baby Brands Direct wholesales internationally the fastest growing baby brand Nuby offering the independent sector a selection of original designs and practical solutions all at competitive price points.

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