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Since babies enjoy exploring the world around by testing it with their mouth, the teether was created. Babies enjoy chewing on things, especially when their teeth start appearing. In brief definition, a teether’s purpose is to facilitate enjoyable and safe soothing relief for baby's tender gums. The market is rich in teethers and it can be a difficult and a time-consuming process for a business to search which teetchers to sell. Baby Brands Direct is a well-known supplier who strictly organises their products’ range. Therefore, with our expertise in the field, we are presenting you the highest quality teethers by pioneering brands: Munchkin, Oball, Rainbow, Kids2, Bright Starts, MAM, NUK, Tine Smarts, Closer to Nature, Dr Brown’s.

Those leading brands work closely with paediatric dentists to provide teethers with lasting comfort to all parts of baby's jaw. With our selection retailers can discover a fun and innovative ways to ease baby’s teething discomfort. The presented portfolio feature multiple textures for gum relief and a combination of fun and engaging features to cater to the needs of all babies. With colourful beads, friendly faced characters rattle and mirrors, these teethers are truly ingenious and provide baby with plenty of entertainment.

The Nuby feeding brand has a heritage of over 50years in the innovative development of baby and toddler products with a keen focus on simplifying everyday tasks. It is a rapidly expanding Company that takes pride in social responsibility donating to the Deaf Children’s Literacy Project and actively raising awareness on Down Syndrome. The Company also engages in the modern form of advocacy of their brand by collaborating with over 160 parent bloggers who are able to share detailed information about their real life use of the baby products. Wholesaler Baby Brands Direct supplies the award winning Nuby range to UK independent trade including pharmacies and baby and nursery store specialists.

Baby Brands Direct’s range includes teethers that foster oral development, motor and sensory skills, are easy to grasp, chew on, are non-toxic and essentially the teethers are suitable for different ages from 0 months +. The catalogue uncovers cooling teethers, teethers with rattle beads, different textures of soft textured silicone, novel vibrating massaging teethers and more.

As an online baby supplier, we have made it easy for retailers to swiftly stock and update their products’ range. Browse through our catalogue to find out the parents’ favourite teethers. With competitive price points you are guaranteed the best value for money that meets the today’s parent’s demands.