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When it comes to buying baby bottles, getting the right gear and making feeding time an easy experience is a priority for mothers. NUK baby bottles are a popular choice, featuring an orthodontic shaped teat that makes the transition from breast to bottle a lot easier. Our range covers starter sets, glass bottles, BPA-Free bottles, learner bottles, spouts, bottle and teat brushes and so much more. The vibrant and colourful collection features bottles printed with lovable Disney characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

NUK's baby bottles have many benefits including aiding oral development, reducing the amount of air baby swallows are therefore better for baby's tummy. NUK teats are the only brand approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. Log in to view our latest range of fantastic high quality bottles by NUK.

NUK Bottles, Teats & Accessories

NUK is a world renowned brand with over 50 years of experience and growing trade. The brand ethos is their strap line, “Understanding Life”, where product solutions are developed in response to scientific findings and comments by parents. NUK products are available in over 110 countries worldwide, and their teats are used in in over 90% of maternity and neonatal wards throughout the UK.”

Baby Brands Direct has been successfully supplying NUK products to the independent business, offering excellent price points and fantastic range of the brands most sought-after items.