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Baby's first for ways into the world of new tastes and textures is an exciting milestone. Parents often like to prepare food in advance so meal times are stress free. We have a range of colourful weaning pots and trays that safely store food, allowing babies to enjoy fresh and healthy meals. With Annabel Karmel's colourful and attractive stackable pots, parents can store, heat and freeze food. The advocate of healthy eating for children has also produced a Mini Ice Lolly Set to help soothe sore gums. It is easy to treat baby to some tasty dishes with the Annabel Karmel Food Cube Tray. Parents simply have to fill the cubes with their little diner's favourite foods then place the tray into the freezer. The Beaba’s food jar is as well a popular choice for travelling with and for preparing everyday healthy homemade meals.

Our range also covers baby food storage pots by Phillips, Brother Max, Explora and Nuby.

NUK says, “Every year and every generation has left its mark on NUK’s knowledge, helping us to develop products that consistently make a difference”. The demands of the twentieth century for natural products that are suitable for babies are constantly changing – with every generation having different needs. In 2011 NUK launched the First Choice+ bottles and teats, designed for relaxed feeding that closely mimics natural breastfeeding. The range incorporated contributions from medical professionals, midwives and most importantly, Mothers.

Another trusted benefit of NUK is that its production for all its bottles, teats and soothers is located in its own factory in Germany and subject to the highest quality standards and requirements. From the origin of the raw materials through to the packaging, it follows the strictest level of control. Baby Brands Direct is a reputable UK wholesaler of the brand and offers a wide selection of its best-selling baby products.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading global supplier of baby food storage pots by the world’s most sought-after brands. Acting as bridge between manufacturers and independent retailers means providing you wish the latest, ergonomic designs that will foster your business development.

The growing trend of health conscious consumers led to showcasing a range of products that are entirely BPA Free, non-toxic, innovative in several of colours, shapes and with versatile functions. That way our customers can deliver against their clients’ needs and lifestyles. With excellent wholesale prices you can swiftly update your stock today.