Nursery Teddies

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There is nothing quite like the look on a child’s face as they play with their first stuffed toy. Whether it would be a cute teddy bear, a beautiful horse or a fluffy rabbit, a child’s bedroom/cot looks incomplete without a huggable companion. Nursery teddies and first dolls are an essential stock line for any retailer. Those soft toys are easy sell as they are convenient to carry around and simply they provide the entertainment a childhood should involve. Our range features individual items as well as assortment of toys in versatile shapes and colours. That way we support the independent retailer to provide variety of merchandise to their clientele. With reputable brands like: Keel Toys, Lamaze, Little Bird Told Me and more to choose from, there is something that will capture your clients’ attention. So if you are looking to stock up on these delightful products, Baby Brands Direct is here to help with great wholesale prices on all featured products.

Baby Brands Direct is a contemporary wholesaler with expert outlook in nursery teddies and first dolls. We supply the global independent sector such as nurseries, baby boutiques, gift stores, online retailers and physical shops. Our growing international clientele has been successfully selling the highest in demand items they find on our dedicated pages. In fact, the gift industry has been a major reason why those toys grow in popularity. With hamper baskets, hand-made gifts sets our soft toys are a great investment with plenty of sales avenues. Soft toys have been always popular; however parents prefer to buy the brands they trust, brands that are worldwide known. Our range consists of the industry leaders who develop exceptional quality and trendy designs. Retailers can swiftly update their stock and benefit from our competitive price points.