Nursery Teddies

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For oohs and aahs there’s nothing like a nursery teddy. These adorable, super-soft, baby-friendly plush toys are guaranteed to have the cute factor, and attract plenty of attention. Of course, there are always new babies, and those babies will all need their first plush toy, so this category should attract consistent sales.

Plush toys designed for very small babies, who investigate everything with their mouths, must pass stringent safety tests, which is why Baby Brands Direct only includes the safest - and most adorable - toys from high-quality brands such as Kaloo, Tommee Tippee, Trudi and Keel Toys.

Babies need sensory stimulation when they are tiny, and the soft plush, fluffy fur and velvety noses of our nursery teddies fulfil all the right requirements - and let’s face it, who could resist Keel Toys Snuggle Giraffe Toy, or Trudi Fluffies Penguin or Kaloo’s Soft Plume Rabbit? Not us, that’s why they all made it into our carefully selected collection

Nursery Teddies

Why do nursery teddies sell so well?

Baby toys always sell well, People will always have babies, and they will always get gifts, And a small, soft adorable soft toy is the ideal present. They are good value, small and easily transportable - and light if they have to be sent in the post. Some of the toys in our selection, such as Kaloo’s Soft Plume Rabbit, come complete with a special box, making them ideal to buy as a gift for a newborn. Another great gift choice is Keel Toys Supersoft My First Teddy. With a sweet ribbon bow and the words My First Teddy embroidered on his foot, he is bound to have a cherished place on a nursery shelf and will find a special place in a memory box as the baby grows. Family members like to choose a present that is particularly special and will be remembered long after the baby has left the nursery. Another fun gift idea is the Trudi's Love Box. Each American letterbox style travel case offers a tantalising glimpse of the strokable long ears of the plush companion inside. Is it a Donkey, Basset Hound, or Rabbit?

What makes nursery teddies so special?

Aside from the fact that they are all incredibly adorable and have great shelf appeal, most nursery teddies are machine washable, which makes them attractive to new parents who may be worried about hygiene. Those that cannot be machine washed can be surface wiped to keep them clean. They are smaller in size than your average plush toy, so that small hands can grab hold of them, and their soft colours have been designed to sit well within modern nursery decor themes. The materials used to make nursery teddies are even softer than other plush toys, ensuring that snuggle time with them should not irritate a baby’s delicate skin.

The benefits of plush nursery teddies

Sensory and tactile stimulation is incredibly important for small babies. It is how they learn about the world around them - that’s why they are always putting things in their mouths, as they explore shapes, textures and tastes. Having a good level of sensory stimulation is linked to normal physical, cognitive and emotional development - all of their senses must be able to work together in order for them to be able to learn, move and develop as they should. Nursery teddies provide the opportunity to explore new textures, and as they get a little older they will learn new colours, different sizes and the different animals and characters in their nursery.

Of course nursery teddies must be especially safe and designed for babies under 12 months, with no small parts or loose fibres. This is why we have placed them together in this category, so that you can feel confident about recommending them to your customers for very young babies.