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The Oball story began in 2001 when its concept was conceived by toy inventor David Silverglate and his wife, Suzanne. The idea of the patented material of the toy was to provide tactile, high performance fun. This is through having a toy ball full of finger holes making the object incredibly easy to catch, grasp and captivating to hold and in particular safe to throw. Shiny, smooth, flexible, durable and virtually indestructible the Oball makes for great early tactile development, inspiring creativity and play value.

Baby Brands Direct is the exclusive appointed distributor of the infant toy range to supply independent UK retailers. Owned by global toy giant KidsII, the range wholesaled has grown from a variety of balls, to now incorporating the dynamic material into toy products including cars, high chair spinners, peg toys and rattles. Most the products are suitable from birth, with others from 3months and strongly encourage baby’s grasping and reaching, leading to an enhanced understanding over its reflexes.

Comprehensive oral care has been always essential to parents. The demand for quality soothers, teethers and oral care products is ever growing. With a wide-ranging portfolio of trendy products from award-winning industry leaders, you can now select high quality baby items for your clients. Baby Brands Direct stocks leading and sought-after brands like NUK, Philips Avent, MAM, Tommee Tippee, Closer to Nature and Dr Brown's. In our catalogue you can find a variety of soothers starting from birth to 18 months, ranging from silicone to latex materials, standard to orthodontic shaped, breathable shields, and even soother handles that are completely BPA free.

You can view a vast array of different colours, patterns and items that are not found in a standard store. We believe in adding value for our customers through constant research and competitive offerings. Future projections indicate that design will continue playing a key role in parents’ buying behaviour. That is why we will carry on presenting you up-to do date and exclusive oral hygiene items at wholesale prices.

Soothers, Teethers & Oral Care

From its origins over 15 years ago to now being housed within the impressive portfolio of KidsII, the brand has experienced the benefits of an increase product range, manufacturing capacity and distribution network. The Oball products have been particularly successful and a sought after toy line in many day nurseries for their rich tactile sensory development properties. Fulling the critical need of toys to provide an intriguing physical form and texture, it invites them to touch, manipulate and experience them and in doing so discover their own self-awareness. A spokesperson from KidsII comments, “With a legacy of award-winning toy designs starting with the original, easy-to-grip classic, Oball now offers a full range of unique baby and toddler toys putting a dynamic spin on playtime.” 

Wholesaler Baby Brands Direct, exclusively supplies Oball toys to independent retailers in the pharmaceutical, nursery and gift industry as well as into the NHS and day care nurseries. The distinctive toys are unique and the only brand available that provides such dynamic play material to stimulate sensory awareness from birth. As baby becomes child the same range can help to regulate stress as the sensory play can be used to create rhythmical kinaesthetic movements such as twisting, stretching, squeezing helping to give feelings of calm. These are all important experiences for a child to develop their emotional well-being and ability to regulate their own feelings.


Baby Brands Direct is a nursery distributor focused on offering retailers effective and affordable soothers and teethers for play and to help the baby's gums. You can ensure the perfect start of life and we can ensure you with free to use and professionally organised products descriptions and images.

Global trends have moved production into cute, innovative, fun and yet practical oral care products.Our company understands that oral products are must have essentials in early oral hygiene as much as a sanitizer as much as a comforter. Parents enjoy functional and ergonomic designs; babies enjoy the fun in the routine. Baby Brands Direct enjoys stable and loyal relationships with our suppliers. Our clients enjoy it all!