Philips Avent Promotions

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A real deal for real with a world renowned brand- Philips Avent! It is so quick and easy, no negotiation, no frustration! Get your promotion with one simple mouse motion!

Philips Avent is one of the biggest brand names on Baby Brands Direct, and we are pleased to offer this sales section on this line of baby products. From innovative bottles to silicone soothers, there is plenty to choose from. Ran on monthly basis you have exclusive access to a top quality brand on fantastic promotional prices.

Baby Brands Direct is the leading global wholesaler of baby products who caters for the independent trade. We successfully supply customers with premium products by internationally recognized brands at unbeatable price points. We are committed to assist our customers in fostering their business development. That is why we have selected one of the major players in the industry, Philips Avent to showcase great promotions on their superb products. The range is versatile so retailers have a wider choice to fulfil their orders. Make sure you check this page regularly as it is updated each month.