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Parents have become ever cautious about the safety of their little ones, especially at home. Being unsupervised babies can harm themselves. That is why play pens have been created to avoid any potential injury and to provide worry-free time for parents too. A play pen is essentially a safe construction that the little one can be surrounded by thus preventing him to craw or walk away.

Our range features reputable brand Lindam, the company that is dedicated to creating cutting-edge safety products. For instance, The Lindam Safe and Secure Playpen is versatile and creates a safe environment for both babies and toddlers. It easily converts from playpen to room divider, safety gate and hearth guard for extra protection around the house. The playpen is suitable from birth, and conforms to BS12227. Make sure you regularly check our regularly updated catalogue so you do not miss out on the newest products releases.

As an award-winning global wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct is supplying the independent sector with high quality play pens. Our collection caters for parents with both baby and toddler. On this page you will find reputable brands like Lindam who develop innovative and incredibly practical items that essentially are safe. Retailers can browse our website and stock from our competitive price points.

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