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Playmobil is a successful brand of toys with a proven sales history and market share statistics of over 40 years. Developed in the mid-1970s the toys were designed to fit into a child’s hand and be the right balance of firmness and flexibility to allow for creative play. The signature Playmobil toy is 7.5 cm tall with a 1:24 scale, with the human figure featuring a particular cherub-like smiling, similar to a child’s human interpretation through drawing - a large head, a big smile, and no nose. A wide range of themes are available from rescue services right through to fantasy, and include a variety of price points within each through the individual toys. Especially notable is the fine attention to detail within the vehicles and inclusion of modern elements such as electronic lights.

New toys and themes are continually developed by a 50-strong development team and are purchased not only for kids but by the growing collector community. The Playmobil toys whilst developed for free-form play are also used for creation of photo stories and stop motion films to decoration. A fantastic selection of Playmobil toys available wholesale at Baby Brands Direct to trade can be seen on this page.

Playing with dolls could give children the skills they need to land a coveted job. It may sound far-fetched, but a recent survey of CEOs said that the most important skills they looked for in future employees are problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity. All skills children can learn by playing with dolls, action figures and playsets.

Most adults have a favourite doll they remember from their childhood, whether it’s a baby doll that they pushed around in a pram or an action figure such as Action Man. Dolls serve a significant purpose – they can act as a reflection of a child and help them to understand themselves and the wider world around them. With the global market in dolls and stuffed toys set to grow annually by 3.5% until 2023, according to Statista, it’s a market that retailers can’t afford to miss out on. The most recent NPD figures, meanwhile, show that Dolls out-performed the market. Action Figure sales were up 11%, and Action Figure Play-sets and accessories up 21%.

Baby Brands Direct prides itself on supplying top-quality brands such as Barbie – the most famous fashion doll in the world, Playmobil, Mattel and Fisher-Price Little People.

Dolls, Figures & Playsets

The range of Playmobil activities are a brilliant, niche addition to the toys selection available wholesale at Baby Brands Direct for trade customers to purchase from. They encourage a free form of play that allows kids to develop their own creative stories, communicate and act out their own imaginary scenarios that is so important to a healthy development. The brand is internationally respected for its high quality figures and realistic playsets that are kept current and make for a perfect partner for retailers to offer. The Playmobil 1.2.3 range is perfect for younger kids from 1.5years of age with the toys being slightly bigger, brighter and rounded for smaller hands while allowing them to develop and learn through this play. The rest of the Playmobil range distributed by Baby Brands Direct is suitable from 4yrs to a recommended 10years of age.

Why dolls, figures and playsets are so popular

Fashion dolls topped the class in US retail sales in 2019 according to NPD, closely followed by action figures, particularly licensed toys, so it’s clearly an important category that retailers should be watching closely. In addition, the ‘Kid Powered’ trend announced by The US Toy Association at Toy Fair New York in February 2020 continues to rise in popularity. ‘Kid-powered’ toys see the children themselves taking control of the play, helping them to learn critical-thinking skills, creativity, confidence, leadership and discipline. Open-ended toys such as action figures and customisable dolls both fall into that category.

Taking control

Baby Brands Direct stocks quality brands in this category including the much-loved Playmobil and Fisher-Price Little People sets. Creating imaginary scenarios using these sets and figures can help children to understand others, learn how actions can have consequences and develop important skills such as empathy. Children live in a world where everything is bigger than them – people, chairs, cars, TVs – everything is built on a large scale. Being able to shrink real-life situations down to child size with dolls, activity sets and action figures can help little ones to make sense of the world around them and learn to cope with situations that they may find difficult. It takes away the loud, chaotic feeling of the real world and brings it to a place where they are in control. Powerful stuff!

Learning to nurture

Dolls also encourage the development of nurturing skills – an important skill for both boys and girls to learn. And when they use their dolls to create or recreate real-life situations, they can learn about conversation, developing their communication skills, learning how to solve problems and develop empathy for others. Dolls also encourage self-expression, something that can be missing from traditional ‘boys’ toys. Encouraging emotional intelligence is a vital part of a child’s development, and a life skill that is becoming more and more important in our world. For pre-schoolers, playing with dolls can help to improve fine motor skills, as any adult who has tried to dress a fashion doll can testify! It can also improve communications skills, and help them learn how to interact socially.

Diversity and inclusion

On the other hand, action figures encourage children to use their imagination to the full. Imaginary or creative play is really important. It helps to develop language skills as they give their chosen character a voice, invent a story and act it out. All valuable skills to learn that will be useful in literacy work at school. Away from the fantasy figures, modern dolls reflect the world that children live in. They can also help children learn more about diversity and inclusion. Brands such as Barbie (the second-biggest property in the category in 2019) have made great inroads into representing a diverse range featuring different skin tones, disabilities, and body shapes. It’s a brand and range that Baby Brands Direct is particularly proud to stock.