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Discover our premium selection of top rated radgolls and plush dolls. Fill your stock with leading brands names like: Keel, Lamaze, Fisher-Price and other plush toys specialists. Choose from a variety of designs, colours and sizes that would delight children and parents. A must have that parents regularly purchase, favourite gift idea and surely profitable investment for retailers.

To the question why ragdolls and plush dolls are so popular, the answer would be for very many reasons. Every girl wants a doll, every girl has at least one. Besides, the contemporary ragdolls often are in form of famous TV or story characters that little girls eagerly want to have. Parents on the other side love when their kids are entertained and simply happy. But most of all the gift industry has been rapidly expanding so that ragdolls and plush dolls have become one of the most purchased items. We have considered all of those reasons and that is how we picked the fast selling items that you find on this page.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading wholesaler for ragdolls and plush dolls. We supply the global independent sector with high quality and high in demand items. With range of choice, retailers can swiftly browse our pages and shop with an ease. Those items have always been in demand by the independent sector as they simply are worth the investment, bringing variety of items at reasonable price thus bring higher profits and happy customers. Check our catalogue for regular updates and you will not miss any of the latest and trendiest ragdolls available for wholesale.