Pram & Stroller Accessories

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When parents are out and about with baby in a pram or a stroller, there are additions that could make their lives easier. For example, Babymoov’s Anti UV umbrella protecting children from the sun and the rain, whatever the weather has decided to throw at them that day. Getting caught in the rain never has to be a problem again, for neither the baby nor the parent.

This sophisticated umbrella boasts exceptional features such as anti-UV 50+ protections, detachable foot in only one click, flexible foot, swivelling at the base and top and easy to manage pressure fastening system. This umbrella surely lasts long and delivers unbeatable quality.

Baby Brands Direct is a premium supplier of pram and stroller accessories to nurseries, pharmacies, gift shops, online and offline retailers. We are based in the UK but we happily serve clients from all over the world. Besides, we provide dropship services thus making the whole stock update process a lot easier.

With a wide ranging portfolio there is enough for every type of business and their own audience. Our volume discounts further contribute to the already competitive price points we offer. Being online based wholesaler allow our clients to reach us anytime anywhere they are thus staying up to date with the latest and trendiest baby items on the market.