Pregnancy & Recovery Aids
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The marvel at the creation of a new life within a woman's body are more than inspiring and can naturally take a toll on the body. Following research and feedback from Mums over the years, practical aids have been developed and refined to support and comfort her body during pregnancy and help prepare it for both the delivery and recovery from birth. 

Pregnancy pillows are a popular purchase at Baby Brands Direct, with retailers often selling this aid to Mum's during pregnancy in response to discomfort, helping to aid her to rest and sleep more comfortably. Perineum massage is a well known way to help prepare the skin for birth, particularly for first time deliveries and hence to facilitate this we offer the best in category oil by Lansinoh.

Growing in interest are products specifically designed for post birth relief with the NCT website stating a tear, graze or episiotomy can happen in up to 9/10 first time vaginal births, with up to 1/10 experiencing pain for up to 18months after. Supportive aids for this are packaged discreetly and include gynecological tested organic sprays, hot/cold pads and angled wash bottle, and are essential for leading nursery retailers to make available to her.

Pregnancy & Recovery Aids