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Childbirth can be a beautiful process, filled with joy and love, but it can also be stressful for many mums. The strain and pain of giving birth is sometimes difficult to deal with - but the recovery period can also be tough, especially when mum also has to look after her newborn child. Following research and feedback from mums over the years, brands such as Medela, Lansinoh and dreamgenii have created practical aids to support and comfort mum’s sore and aching body during pregnancy and post-birth recovery.

As a leading wholesaler to the baby and nursery market, Baby Brands Direct offers retailers a great selection of pregnancy and recovery aids at competitive wholesale prices. Our selection includes high quality products that will help to support new mums in their recovery process. 

Pregnancy pillows are a popular, mid-range item, designed to relieve discomfort during rest and allow mum to sleep more comfortably. We also offer belly bands on a wholesale basis, which help to support mum’s back, belly and hips! Lansinoh have also created an excellent range of recovery aids to help mum feel comfortable and clean after birth - including balms, hot and cold pads, oils and wash bottles. Register today to shop our range of pregnancy and recovery aids. 

Pregnancy & Recovery Aids

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning wholesaler and distributor of baby and nursery products to retailers and small businesses in the UK and beyond. We have an extensive catalogue of high quality, branded products for retailers to take advantage of. Our range of pregnancy and recovery aids feature some of the best brands on the market, such as Lansinoh, dreamgenii and Medela

Available in our online store are comfortable and supportive pregnancy pillows from dreamgenii. These pillows support mum’s body during sleep, allowing her to sleep on her side in the recommended left lateral position. The dreamgenii pregancy pillow features a unique shape with a long tail that mum can place between her legs for comfort. The pillow can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow, supporting baby in a comfortable cocoon that will keep them secure while mum feeds them. This means the product has longevity of use and is great value for money.

Our range of belly bands from Medela are perfect for pregnant women. They help to support mum’s baby bump, taking the burden of the extra weight off of her back and hips. The use of a belly band also helps to ensure that mum’s body returns to normal after birth, as it helps to support the changing body as her organs return to their original places and also can be useful in healing Caesarean wounds. Medela’s products are used and recommended by hospitals and healthcare professionals, so parents can be assured of quality.

Leading brand, Lansinoh, saw a gap in the post pregnancy market after surveying a number of new mums. These mothers felt that they were unprepared for how difficult and painful things would be after they had delivered their child. Therefore, Lansinoh created a range of self care products that mum could use to aid in her recovery. These recovery aids include oils and balms - as well as items such as hot and cold pads and wash bottles that feature a specially designed spout to make intimate washing easy. 

Baby Brands Direct is a trusted wholesaler of baby and nursery products from the best brands in the industry. We have an extensive catalogue of products, which are designed to make parenting easier and allow mums and dads to enjoy the important early years of their child’s life. Register with us today to take advantage of exclusive discounts, perks and brands.