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Preschool toys are always fun to buy - and to sell. There’s plenty of variety, and preschoolers clearly get a lot of fun out of their toys, which makes it rewarding for both retailer and consumer. From role play toys to figures and playsets, there's so many options to choose from. 

This is an important stage of development - preschool age children have passed those major milestones such as walking and talking - but they are turning into real ‘little people’. What they learn now will be of great value once they get to ‘big school’. There are so many skills to develop, from encouraging fine motor skills, which are vital for writing, to encouraging them to use their imagination and learn to explore the world around them.

As a preschool toy wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct endeavours to offer a broad variety of toys, that will keep preschoolers having fun, and learning as they go. Look out for much-loved brands such as Janod, Fisher-Price, Leapfrog, Hot Wheels and many more.

Preschool Toys

Why are toys for pre schoolers such good sellers?

When little ones come out of the baby stage, parents, friends and family love to start buying ‘proper’ toys. They enjoy seeing preschoolers using their imaginations in role play, engaging with toys that have very obvious educational value or encourage active play. This is also the age when pester power starts, so encouraging preschoolers into the shop with the promise of demo tables, special events and so on is a great strategy for retailers. They will soon start to tell parents and grandparents which toys they really like!

What are the benefits of preschool toys?

Learning through play is vital to child development, and never more so than at the preschool age. This is the time when preschool toys can help them start to learn about problem solving, how cause and effect works, and discover how conflict resolution works. Role play toys encourage them to experience the world - but at their own level, in a place where they are in control. This develops confidence and helps them to gently learn how the real world works. Role play toys are a wonderful way to introduce them to new experiences in a fun way and prepare them for any eventuality - a visit to the doctors or a hospital, a visit to a shop, or taking a pet to the vets. Role play toys and figures and playsets are also great for helping children develop emotional and language skills, as well as allowing them to be imaginative in play. This is also the age when they start to really get a lot out of educational preschool toys such as puzzles and games. They can develop the skills necessary to take part in game play - starting to learn letters, counting and colours, and learning how to be competitive! Educational toys for preschoolers will give them a great head start before they go to proper school, Toys that can help them on their way to understanding how to form letters and numbers, or which encourage them to have a go at drawing are a great way to start. Toys that help them to recognise names, words and really get them started on their literacy journey can be of great benefit. 

Creative toys are also great fun for preschoolers. They are starting to really get a hang of fine motor skills so can have great success with creative sets. Baby Brands Direct supplies a number of Plasticine products that are perfect for this age group - bright colours, great price points, no tiny parts to lose or drop all over the floor! And for the retailer there is always another sale to be made - an extra pack of different coloured Plasticine, new accessories and moulds, and more detailed sets to graduate to as the children get older.

As children leave the toddler stage behind and start to look like children rather than toddlers, encouraging their physical development is also key. Balance bikes are the best way to get set for riding a bike - they encourage independence and confidence as preschoolers discover that they can get along under their own steam and are not reliant on an adult to push or help them in any way.