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Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning UK based distributor in the supply of educational and activity toys to primary schools and other learning facilities. The company offers an extensive selection of products from some of the world’s leading brands, including Mattel, LeapFrog, VTech and Playmobil, for education providers to take advantage of. 

The early years of a child’s life are the most important, with their brains and bodies being able to easily absorb new information and learn new skills. Children are constantly growing, observing and learning. Therefore, primary schools need access to high quality toys and products that will boost the development of the children under their care. With no minimum order quantity requirements, volume discounts and quick dispatch and delivery, Baby Brands Direct makes it easy for schools to order everything they need for each classroom.

Shown on this page is a shortlist of suggested core brands and products that are particularly relevant to primary schools and education providers for key stages 1 and 2. However, as a specialist distributor of baby, nursery and toy products, primary school account holders can access the full breadth of over 2,000 products available from our selection of award winning, global brand leaders. Teachers, headteachers and school staff can also easily adapt their product range when working with Baby Brands Direct as there a very few products that require pack size ordering, allowing you to quickly respond to local demand.

Children in Key Stages 1 and 2 begin to learn according to the national curriculum, whereas in earlier years, they learned through play and exploration. Baby Brands Direct have a great range of educational toys that help to teach key lessons in Maths, English, foreign languages and geography. 

From electronic toys from VTech that teach counting and spelling while children play, to wooden puzzles from Janod that show the map of the world, there is something for every classroom. As well as products for early years, Baby Brands Direct offer toys suitable from 5 years to 12 years, covering the first two stages of school life. 

Many of the toys available are great for fine motor skills development, which is the ability to use the small muscles in our wrists and hands. Construction toys, puzzles, small figures and musical toys such as those from Janod and Halilit are perfect for developing these essential skills. Children can improve their dexterity by handling these small items. Threading the shapes around looping toys is a perfect way to get small hands and fingers working! Musical instruments for children are not just great for developing dexterity, but are also beneficial for aural and sensory development. By playing with musical toys, children's ears become attuned to different melodies, sounds and tones. It also stimulates their senses! 

Toys with moveable and stackable parts are also great for developing hand-eye coordination. Baby Brands Direct have a great range of stackable toys with different shapes for kids to feel and explore, which will also help with problem solving as they'll need to work out the best way to stack each layer! Peg boards and shape sorters are also great options for boosting dexterity and hand-eye coordination. 

For the development of gross motor skills, which involve the larger muscles in the legs, arms and torso, Baby Brands Direct have a great selection of ride on toys and bikes that will encourage movement and exploration. These larger activity toys are great for teaching kids how to balance and move effectively, as well as getting them to play outdoors in the fresh air. 

Children also love creative play. Modelling clay, modelling tools and Plasticine are a great way to allow children to be creative and use their imaginations, as well as encouraging them to use their hands to create. As it never dries out, Plasticine is perfect for large classrooms where it will be handled a lot. Baby Brands Direct offer different Plasticine sets and kits, so you'll be sure to find the perfect product for your class. Also available are Aquadoodle mats and Spirograph kits, to further encourage creativity in the classroom! 

With the creative freedom they offer, Schleich and Playmobil playsets are a wonderful way to introduce role play, as well as teamwork, to playtime. Kids will love to explore new worlds with their imaginations and their classmates. Hot Wheels cars and racetracks are always a popular choice, particularly with young boys, as they offer fun and excitement With the introduction of figures and playsets and other role play toys, such as kitchen sets from Janod or supermarket and shop toys, children are able to develop their social and emotional skills by playing with others. Emotion toys, such as Barbie playsets that encourage caring for small babies, also help support healthy emotional growth and empathy for others. 

With over 40 years experience, Baby Brands Direct have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the children’s toy industry. The company has been accredited with numerous awards by industry professionals for our service across the UK and worldwide.

We aim to be a one stop supplier for primary schools and other educational facilities, with over 2500 products available under one roof. As well as toys, we have a great range of hygiene products from Milton and Vital Baby. These products are perfect for ensuring that all surfaces are kept clean and free from germs, which is very important in these unprecedented times. We also stock toddler cups and weaning products for younger children, which give confidence in self feeding and help encourage healthy development. 

Our online B2B portal means orders can be placed 24/7 at your convenience. Baby Brands Direct also offer volume discounts, loyalty credit, weekly promotions and fun competitions to win free stock for your class. If you manage a primary school or other educational facility, please consider Baby Brands Direct as your distributor of choice.