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Dolls is an evergreen category that has been popular for many years. In fact, according to the latest data from Kids insights, the proportion of preschool girls playing with dolls rose by 37% between May and June in 2020.

Plush dolls have the benefit of appealing to a wide age group. They are soft and tactile for babies, a cuddly friend for toddlers and young children, and parents and grandparents love them because of their nostalgic qualities. The last time ‘rag’ dolls were so popular was back in the 1970s, when Raggedy Anne and Holly Hobby were favourite characters.

The dolls we stock at Baby Brands Direct combine nostalgia with up-to-date modern French chic. Kaloo’s Tendresse dolls each have their own signature style - and they are not just for girls, there’s one for the boys too. Each doll comes in their own presentation box, making them the ideal gift.

Children's dolls and plush toys provide excellent companionship and support to young children. These toys help strengthen emotional development and encourage compassion and empathy. They are also great for imaginative play and developing social skills. Specialist baby and nursery wholesaler Baby Brands Direct are pleased to offer the Ragtales range of dolls and plush toys to our retailers. The Ragtales range of products provides a valued and favourable brand addition to our retail offering.

Why are plush dolls so popular?

Dolls and particularly rag dolls have been around for hundreds of years. They are probably one of the oldest toys known to man - evidence shows that they were in use in Greece as far back as 100 AD. Their long history means that they have a nostalgic quality that appeals to parents and grandparents.

Today’s plush dolls are more stylish than their predecessors. The Kaloo Tendresse dolls, for instance, come in a variety of characters, each with their own style. Different hair colours and skin tones ensure they will appeal to a wide variety of your customers, and the lack of plastic components will be especially attractive to modern parents who are conscious about buying eco-friendly products. Plush dolls are suitable for all ages, from birth upwards, so a plush doll given to a new baby could turn out to be a much-loved friend for a child for many years.

What are the benefits of plush dolls?

Dolls encourage nurturing play; this helps them learn how to think about others and take care of others. It’s an important skill for children to learn, and just as important for boys, so we are glad to stock the boy doll Lucas K, dressed stylishly in his striped shirt and red scarf. New research from a team of neuroscientists at Cardiff University has shown that playing with dolls activates areas of the brain that are linked to empathy and information processing. It showed that when children play with dolls they are able to practise these skills even if they are playing alone. The results were similar for both the boys and girls studied during research. Playing with dolls (even if they weren't playing with other children) helped them to think about others, and especially about other people’s feelings of thoughts. The study supports the theories put forward by Jean Piaget, the 20th-century Swiss scientist who suggested that pretend play had a positive impact on children’s social skills and creativity.

Collect them all

Here at Baby Brands direct we are very pleased to stock a wide range of Kaloo’s Tendresse plush dolls. While the variety ensures that customers are bound to find one that appeals to them, stocking a wide variety will encourage customers to start collecting different dolls, allowing you to make more sales. Valentine, for instance, is a classical ballet dancer, with ribbon in her flame-coloured hair and soft ballet pumps, Jade stands out with her poppy-coloured boots and hat, and Azure sports fun, fuchsia-coloured hair. Each doll comes in a presentation box, making them an ideal gift, while two larger sizes of doll are perfect for Christmas and birthday presents. Happily, as they are destined to be children’s companions for a long time, they can be machine washed - a great practical feature that will appeal to hygiene-conscious parents.