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Getting babies to sleep is a big part of the life of a new parent, so anything that can soothe and settle a baby, and help them drop off to sleep is a good thing.

Comfort blankets offer both comfort and security to babies. They become a familiar item that makes them feel safe and secure. As they get older and spend time away from their main caregivers - moving into their own room, or going to nursery - a comfort blanket can help them feel secure with the transition. As these items can become so important to a little one, it’s wise to suggest that parents buy a duplicate in case it is being washed or gets lost.

A good comfort blanket should be super soft, and if it features a familiar character, such as Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit, that can add an added level of security. Baby Brands Direct’s wide selection of comfort blankets come from trusted brands including Kaloo, Rainbow Designs, and Tommee Tippee.

Zara Grindrod, Director of Sales at Rainbow Designs said, “Baby Brands Direct will offer a comprehensive, professional and highly effective distribution channel for Rainbow Designs’ licensed classic character baby toys and gifts. We are delighted to now have an exclusive nursery wholesale partnership with Baby Brands Direct and we are confident their prestigious portfolio of high profile brands and exceptional industry know-how makes for a highly successful and long-lasting partnership.”

All Rainbow Design products are produced to meet the highest standards of manufacture, ensuring safety and security for the consumer. All toys are tested to EN71 standards, and all production facilities subject to regular inspection. The company is also committed to the long-term development of each of their properties and has worked for many years with several of the leading licensing agencies.

Why are comfort blankets such good sellers?

Most babies will have at least one comfort blanket. It is the sort of present they might receive from an aunt or grandparent, it may even be given at a baby shower before the baby is born. Babies and toddlers can come to rely on their comfort blanket, so shrewd parents often buy a spare as a backup, so that is a great suggestion to make to encourage purchases. It pays to stock a good selection - some parents might want a blanket to match nursery decor or a pram, while others may be on the lookout for a much-loved character - Disney’s Tigger, perhaps, or the colourful elephant Elmer (both of which Baby Brands Direct supplies).

There’s a few different types of comfort blanket, which is another reason why parents might choose to buy more than one. There is the blanket that is almost like a cuddly toy, such as Keel Toys Snuggle Giraffe Comforter or Kaloo Organic Cotton Doudou Rabbit Grey. Others are more like a blanket but have tabs of tactile ribbon, to add an extra layer of sensory stimulation. Others, like the Lamaze Starfish Buddy Blanket have a number of surfaces that are ideal for teething babies - chewy soft textures, soft terry cloth, and crinkly satin. Whatever type they are, comfort blankets, like our nursery teddies, are made of super-soft material that is especially snuggly and designed not to irritate babies’ delicate skin.

What are the benefits of comfort blankets?

Sometimes comfort blankets become much-loved items long after little ones are out of babyhood - just think of Linus from the Peanuts cartoon, who is never seen without his security blanket! Babies can form an emotional attachment to a comfort blanket - they love the super-soft feel of the material, which helps to soothe them, especially at naptime or bedtime. They come to associate the blanket with bedtime, which in turn gives them comfort and helps them settle. Another useful benefit is that if they wake in the night, they can be comforted enough by the blanket to self-soothe themselves back to sleep. It’s a useful tool when parents are sleep training a baby.

Babies begin to experience some form of separation anxiety around nine to 12 months and it is at this time that a comfort blanket can be a real help, providing a form of comfort when their main caregiver leaves the room, or has to leave them at childcare for example. A comfort blanket can also be useful to help settle babies or toddlers who don't feel well, or who are feeling insecure. For toddlers this might be when there is a big change such as a new baby, or when they stay at a grandparents or go to nursery.