Licensed Character Plush Toys

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Our line of licensed character plush toys is sure to be a hit with the youngsters. The fact that these toys are recognised so easily makes them an easy sell and an easy profit. Their favourite faces, from Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit and Elmer to Mickey Mouse, Princess Elsa and the cast of the Avengers, are available at fantastic wholesale prices.

Our rich catalogue features ever green classics as well as the latest characters released on the market. You will find items suitable for a variety of age groups, in different colour patterns, variety of sizes and certainly all made of safe materials. Essentially, licensed toys not only bring the favourite character at home but they play a crucial role in child’s development too. Firstly, a plush toy is child’s best friend thus assisting is social skills, the textures and colours are stimulating thus enhancing sensory and visual development. All of the presented products are in easy to carry shape for on-the-go fun.

Zara Grindrod, Director of Sales at Rainbow Designs said, “Baby Brands Direct will offer a comprehensive, professional and highly effective distribution channel for Rainbow Designs’ licensed classic character baby toys and gifts. We are delighted to now have an exclusive nursery wholesale partnership with Baby Brands Direct and we are confident their prestigious portfolio of high profile brands and exceptional industry know-how makes for a highly successful and long-lasting partnership.”

All Rainbow Design products are produced to meet the highest standards of manufacture, ensuring safety and security for the consumer. All toys are tested to EN71 standards, and all production facilities subject to regular inspection. The company is also committed to the long-term development of each of their properties and has worked for many years with several of the leading licensing agencies.

As a dedicated wholesaler to the independent trade, Baby Brands Direct has been a favourite choice for licensed character plush toys. Our expertise along with years of experience has facilitated staple relationships with the most reputable and internationally recognized brands. That why we give exclusive access to our clientele and offer them the highest in demand items at unbeatable price points. Licensed characters have been always popular among kids. Parents are more likely to buy their favourite kids toy. However, the gift industry has further expanded this particular industry segment. A lot of buyers would prefer to buy a licensed character as that why they are sure to make a child happy and sure to gift a quality item. Besides those products are one of the smartest investment a retailer can make. This is simply because a retailer can stock number of items thus providing a wider choice to suit a wider audience.