Rocking Animals

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Purchase of quality wholesale baby rockers is best fulfilled by Baby Brands Direct. We work exclusively with the award-winning manufacturer Little Bird Told me who specialises in the design and manufacture of stunning baby rockers. It boasts charming characters, magical creativity and production synonymous with quality, detail and creativity. The best-seller and most iconic rocker in the range is the Curious Caterpillar which cleverly represents a caterpillar carrying an apple on its back where the apple serves as a supportive seat with an in built storage space. It includes a caterpillar rattle that pops out from a hole in the apple and can be played with separately.

The range also showcases the brands popular horse rockers coming under their own names and in different colour schemes. Each one of those rockers is made of high quality fabrics and they are entirely safe for a child to rock on.

Baby Brands Direct is a global and exclusive wholesale of infant rockers by Little Bird Told Me. We have been successfully supplying the independent sector with the brand’s classic and latest products. An infant rocker is a great investment for retailers providing high margins to profit from. Besides infant rockers are often favorited by parents as they add up nicely to the nursery décor or the house décor.

Little Bird Told Me is a boutique UK based brand. Their collection is inspired from historic play values that are considered to generate the most creative and impulsive play; stimulating the best free form imaginative child play. These nursery products are manufactured to last, where quality really is a key component of the brand and is therefore very well suited to be sold via an independent store. Consumers often visit their local stores in the hope of finding something different that speaks quality and delivers a unique pleasure in its discovery; this brand delivers exactly that.