Safety Gates & Home Proofing
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While every category within the nursery industry features essential products for baby’s care, there is nothing more important to a parent than the safety of their children - particularly when they are young and vulnerable. As a result, it is important for retailers to offer their customers a comprehensive range of products designed to support a parent’s need to ensure their child’s safety. As a leading wholesaler of baby and nursery products, Baby Brands Direct is dedicated to offering retailers high quality items at wholesale prices. We offer our wholesale customers a range of safety gates to stop falls down the stairs, as well as home proofing accessories and play pens to create a safe play environment for young children and toddlers.

Register with us today to shop our great inventory of home safety equipment, delivered from top brands such as Dreambaby and Safety 1st. These products range from larger ticket items like safety gates and play pens, but there are also plenty of inexpensive smaller options to make the family home a safe and inviting place for the whole family. Retailers will be prepared to offer their customers an excellent shopping experience after shopping from our extensive range.



Safety Gates & Home Proofing

One stop shop for all baby safety gates, equipment and accessories

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning wholesaler of baby and nursery products, including a great selection of safety items from leading brands such as Dreambaby, Safety 1st and Summer Infant. Parents value nothing more than the safety of their child - so it is essential for retailers to offer a great range of safety items designed to keep the home safe for children. Thankfully, Baby Brands Direct provide access to fantastic products that adhere to safety standards and regulations, giving retailers great quality at reasonable wholesale prices. 

Our range includes larger items such as safety gates and play pens, for creating dedicated baby proof spaces in the home. Parents will be able to allow their child to play independently while they work or do household chores, safe in the knowledge that their children can’t access the stairs or the kitchen. Play pens give children the space to explore and play with friends - but ensures that they are kept away from hazards like sharp corners, loose wires and plug sockets. Both safety gates and play pens are also great for pet owners, especially those with young, curious puppies! We also stock a great range of extensions and accessories for baby gates, to allow parents to customise the fit of their gates to suit their homes. 

Toddlers gaining access to dangerous areas is not the only thing parents need to worry about. There are other hazards dotted around the home - such as sharp edges and corners on furniture, cabinet doors that can trap fingers and open plug sockets that children can put their fingers into. Baby Brands Direct provide a great selection of small inexpensive items that can improve safety around the home. Our corner guards, socket covers and door locks from Safety 1st are all baby safe and help to make home life comfortable for all the family - as well as putting parents’ minds at rest. 

Retailers, as well as owners of other businesses such as playgroups, creches and preschools, can register with Baby Brands Direct to take advantage of an extensive catalogue of award-winning products. Our safety and home proofing category is just one of many categories on offer under one roof. Therefore, we are a one stop shop for all your wholesale needs, with additional perks such as volume discounts and loyalty credit.