Safety Rails

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The jump from cot to bed can be a scary time for a child. After having the security of bars on all sides to keep them from rolling away, they then graduate to the ‘free-sleeping’, unfamiliar concept of sleeping in a bed. A parent’s first thought will be to guard against the potential disaster of a child falling from this new sleeping arrangement, which is why stocking safety rails makes so much sense.

Our partnership with the renowned brand Lindam means we can bring you the latest products in their range of baby safety rails. The latest products are available in colours suitable for boys and girls. Our range also features Safety First Portable Bed Rail. The item is a best-seller as it is very convenient to transport and store thanks to its folding function. This rail is safe for children with light metal frame and net interior.

Baby Brands Direct is a global wholesale supplier of safety rails to the independent sector. We stock only the high quality items by reputable brands. Our selection is made to cater for the needs of the independent retailer. The regularly updated page, features products that are safe, practical and are great value for money. The today's parent is incredibly cautious about safety, which is why safety rails have grown in popularity. That is also why we have decided to introduce this particular product to our clientele. Shop now safety rails at fantastic price points and further bulk discounts.