Sassy Caterpillar Teether

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Product code : SSY-FED01

At 3 months, babies communicate with cooing and babbling. At 6 months, they begin to repeat syllables. Teethers help baby become aware of their mouths. This awareness is necessary for emerging babble sounds.

The Caterpillar Teether is easy to grasp and chew, while the multiple textures which stimulate baby's gums and hold their interest. It’s easy-to-grasp handle is great for small hands with different textures to provide stimulation as well as bright, bold colours and patterns to develop vision of baby. The chunky shape means the caterpillar Teether is easy for baby to grasp which will strengthen fine motor skills. This Caterpillar Teether also has a spinning centre which provides a high level of visual tracking and strengthens fine motor skills. Chill the Caterpillar Teether in the fridge for a cooling relief from teething.

Using this toy, baby begins to learn about: 

  • Fine motor skills
  • Tactile exploration 
  • Hand-eye coordination 
  • Sight to sound


  • Multiple textures offer variety to touch
  • High-contrast colours help develop visual skills
  • Suitable for mouthing 
  • Colours are suited to baby’s developing vision 
  • Easy to grasp teether strengthens the pincer grip 
  • Can be chilled in the fridge for a cooling relief from the effects of teething