Shelf Wobblers, Edges and Headers

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Shelf wobblers, edges and headers are another fantastic marketing tool for a physical store. These smaller to a display stand items are incredibly practical and bring a professional layout to your store. Besides, they often are very descriptive which will help you to deal with customers especially if they are many inside and only few staff people to assist. The products also navigate the customer through different brands and products. They are very helpful if you have new line of merchandise in stock, with sticky labels for example you can instantly direct attention.

Moreover, each item is created by the brands themselves which further assures the retailer with quality point of sale material. This is simply because a brand would know how to arrange their marketing tool so they attract potential customers' interests. Our page is regularly updated and it currently features marketing material from Lamaze and Tomy.

Baby Brands Direct is an award-winning global wholesaler based in the UK. We have been successfully supplying the independent sector with the latest baby and toddler products as well as point of sale material. That way we give our clients the ideal in store marketing tools. Our range features shelf wobblers, edges and headers. The selection is regularly updated depending on the latest brands releases. Therefore, we advise our customers to stay-in line with the newest additions on this page as there might have be fantastic point of sale to suit their recent orders.