Silver Plated Keepsakes

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There is always one gift that will make a statement and this could easily be a silver plated keepsake. For your customers looking for the perfect gift, maybe it is a Christening present, it could be a birthday or even no occasion, silver plated gifts have become a popular choice in most gifts list.

Baby Brands Direct range of silver plated keepsake gifts is here to help light up the eyes of the recipient. From a diamante 1st curl/1st tooth box to a silver plated photo frame, a Cinderella carriage, Pirate ship and many more, we have a variety of gifts available to choose from. Our beautiful range features boy and girl gift ideas as well unisex options that are bound to last long and bring on memories in the years to come.

Baby Brands Direct is a global supplier of premium baby silver plated keepsakes to the independent market. Our dropship services allow retailers to stock on stylish gift ideas that will sparkle any store layout.

The baby gifts industry sector has been rapidly growing, there is a lot on offer, yet there are only a few ways to stand out from the crowd. Our silver plated ideas are certainly one of them.