Snack Pots

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Snack pots are fantastic tool when your baby is eating finger foods. They are small self-contained bowls designed to hold a snack for your baby without the contents spilling. It helps you to give your little one a snack whilst they walk around or even when out and about. From Snack and Go pots to Snack Balls, we have everything needed to keep healthy snacks secure and fresh. The Munchkin Snack Catcher is a brilliant device; allowing children to eat mess free nibbles as bite sized pieces are kept safely inside the cup until they are pulled out by little fingers. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, the snack catcher is ideal for picnics, everyday use and storage due to its secure lid.

Our range also features well-known industry leaders such as Explora and Brother Max. To find out about each items’ specific features, click though and you will be taken to a dedicated page of comprehensive descriptions and image footage.

Baby Brands Direct has been successfully catering for the independent sector meeting our clients' needs and delivering on their expectations. Our expertise has contributed to comprehensive products' catalogues that unveil only the best brands and the most sought-after items. Thus, our clients are assured to deliver quality and can expect returning customers to their stores. Snack pots are those appealing in colour and design items that have taken a significant part in the baby shower market. Sales are steadily growing and we are welcoming businesses to take part in the successful industry sector.