Soother Accessories

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A soother on its own is extremely important and much of a must-have item for parents. Soother accessories have been designed to accompany a soother, so soothers can be easily maintained. It is a well-known fact that dropping and misplacing a soother is a common problem. Thanks to MAM, this issue can be solved with colourful soother savers and soother holders that keep soothers sanitary and within easy reach. These leading edge soother accessories have been trialled and tested to ensure that they are completely safe for baby. MAM’s accessories are BPA free. MAM's Clip and Teat Cover is designed for easy attachment to baby's clothes to keep the soother clean and to allow easy removing from clothes too.

With compatible soothers’ accessories to our soothers, retailers can choose from different designs, available in range of colours. As an award-winning wholesaler, direct to trade our extensive research and expertise in the industry have allowed us to continuously offer you the items highest in demand at competitive trade prices.

MAM is a top 10 most wanted brands by both retailers and parents and there are many reasons for that. MAM supports breast feeding mums with their technical innovation and unique designs. From their famous soothers and bottles to cushioned breast pumps, MAM’s funky, fresh designs are valued and are sure to appeal to parents. MAM real passion to commitment to their products and stakeholders is translated in every product the company develops. Their soother accessories just prove that statements.

Nurseries, pharmacies, online and offline retailers can stock MAM soother’s accessories from Baby Brands Direct that deliver value to their clients.