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Soothers and teethers are viewed as some of the most essential items in every parents’ toolkit. These small but important items are big sellers, with many children having multiple soothers and teethers. Soothers and teethers are handy tools that help babies keep calm and relieve pain themselves through their own actions - an act known as self-soothing. This allows them to control their own emotions, as well as relieve their own discomfort, at a time where they are unable to verbalise what they need or want with words. This helps to reduce frustration and irritation. 

Soothers are used to stimulate the natural suckling action that comes instinctively to baby, while teethers are specifically designed to alleviate the pains and aches that come with teething. Baby Brands Direct stocks a huge variety of soothers, teethers and accessories from leading brands. Retailers can access a wide portfolio of soothers and teethers by industry leaders including NUK, Philips Avent, MAM, Tommee Tippee, Infantino, Nuby and and Dr Brown's with innovative features, proven acceptances rates, safe materials and enchanting designs.

Soothers & Teethers

Wholesale soothers and teethers available at Baby Brands Direct

Award winning wholesaler, Baby Brands Direct, works with the best baby and nursery brands to provide an extensive and high quality portfolio of branded products to independent retailers in the UK, Europe and beyond. Our range of soothers and teethers, as well as soother accessories such as soother clips and holders, comprises only the most high quality items from industry leaders such as MAM, Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent and NUK. 

Our selection of soothers features eco-friendly options, glow in the dark night soothers, as well as innovative soothers made in unique designs that are created to be more breast-like, increase acceptance or to reduce irritation around the mouth. Our soothers come with a variety of cute baby suitable motifs and designs, from cute animals to stars, flowers and sweet slogans. They are also available in a variety of colours - such as pink, blue and neutral greys and whites. We also stock a selection of soother clips and holders that are designed to complement these handy pieces of kit and keep them safe. 

Teethers are essential items for every growing child, providing a safe item to chew for those seeking relief from the pain and discomfort of their milk teeth coming through. Putting pressure on sore gums can help to soothe irritation and using a teether can help prevent crying and frustration. Baby Brands Direct stock a fantastic selection of teethers from leading brands, such as Dr Brown’s, Bébéconfort, Infantino and MAM. These products come in a variety of designs - such as traditional ring shaped teethers, animal shaped teethers, teethers with cooling gel inside them and teethers that combine aspects of toys with the functionality of teething. 

Every item within our range of soothers and teethers has been designed with baby’s safety in mind. Only baby safe materials have been used and many items have been designed in accordance with advice from healthcare professionals - ensuring that soothers and teethers are orthodontic and supportive of baby’s natural jaw alignment. 

Baby Brands Direct provides high quality baby and nursery products at competitive wholesale prices to independent retailers. Our range of soothers and teethers are perfect for nursery stores, as well as pharmacies and childcare providers. Register today to take advantage of an extensive catalogue, as well as exclusive perks and brands only available for wholesale purchase through our website.