Soothers with Projection

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Any newborn sleep advice will include a cot soother or a cot projector. One of the most difficult tasks for parents is putting the little one to sleep. Our range of cot soothers and projectors provide baby with charming lightshows and comforting melodies to lull him off to sleep. With a wonderful combination of soft warm colours and delightful lullabies, these cot projectors are designed to help baby relax at bedtime.

Our range encompasses well-known brands including: Babymoov, Fisher-Price, Little Bird Told Me, Tomy and Lamaze. For instance, the Winnie the Pooh Lullaby Dreams Lightshow is ideal for young Disney fans, as it projects adorable images of the lovable characters onto the ceiling or wall and features a nightlight and a choice of three wonderful lullabies. This is only a brief description of what the following page includes. Coming in different colours, shapes and designs, we offer you a versatile collection of cot soothers and projectors. Click through to uncover each product’s unique features.

Baby Brands Direct is a global dropshipper of cot soothers and projectors. With years of experience in the industry, we have prepared a versatile catalogue of the latest and most sought-after items on the market. This particular industry sector is growing and parents are on the look for a quality product that is good value for money too. Our exceptional wholesale prices allow retailers to offer unbeatable prices to their clients while capitalising on significant margins. Our catalogue is regularly updated so you do not miss on the newest soothers and projectors. That is why we recommend our clients to follow our products’ updates, blog posts and newsletters.