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Parents must be tired of picking up their child. They go to the zoo, they have to pick them up to look into the enclosures, they go to a show, they have to pick them up to see over the crowds, they need to brush their teeth in the sink, they have to pick….or do they? With our range of stepping stools parents never again have to pick their child up to use the sink, if only they could take it everywhere else. A step stool is much a parents’ item, yet the latest designs are cleverly developed and aimed at the little ones too. Our range features Fisher-Price and Disney step stools and of course it is regularly updated. The following items exhibit key features such as non-slip grip track details, non-slip edges, easy maintenance and portability as well as appealing colourful designs. Essentially a step stool is a step forward to developing independence. That is why a step stool assists parents but it also aids little ones too.

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Baby Brands Direct is an-award winning global wholesaler of step stools for baby and toddlers. Our range includes items suitable for different age groups with distinctive colour schemes and famous kids’ characters. Each of the presented stools is made of safe material with anti-slip systems to prevent any injury. Essentially our catalogue presents products by internationally recognized brands that are the synonymous of quality, the brands that know how to combine fun with safety. Step stools are a must-have item for any household with a little one. The today’s parent will look for quality and would trust a recognizable brand. This is exactly what you find on this page. Retailers can now enrich their stock with the latest on the market at unbeatable price points and further volume discounts.