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Summer Infant knows that once baby arrives, everything changes. Though that tiny new person in parent’s arms won’t always be so small, through every age and stage, they’ll always have them. Just as they look to parents for everything, parents can look to Summer Infant. For over three decades, their thoughtfully designed, pioneering infant and toddler care products have made family life easier, safer, and more fun. All so parents can make the most of the everyday moments that matter and take parenting from merely manageable to a bit magical.

Summer Infant, is dedicated to making bath time, meal time, play time, and every time in between special for parent and baby. Their multi feature products span over a vast range of categories including booster seats, potties including the global success ‘My Size’ (selling over 1mn units a year), bath tubs (from foam to luxury), swaddles, bedtime light soothers, safety monitors, travel and outdoor play. Baby Brands Direct is delighted to be appointed exclusive wholesaler to the independent nursery sector as of June 2018.

Soothing baby is an essential part of parenting and there are various aids available to help self soothe baby to comfort and sleep.

At Baby Brands Direct the wholesale portfolio includes product types from comfort blankets to ceiling projectors from leading nursery brands including: Fisher-Price, Summer Infant, Bright Starts, Rainbow Designs, Lamaze and Taggies.

Baby, nursery and pharmacy retailers can offer a diverse range of products to target the individual needs of the baby and fit the budget available.

Comfort Soothers