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The potty is one of the most essential pieces of kit that a parent needs to buy. The only question is which one to choose. This is relevant to retailers too. That is why we offer a wide selection of potties to serve each retailer audience and each client’s preferences.

From Fisher Price and Solution to Munchkin and Disney, we have carefully selected the best available products, exclusively for you. Browse through our selection of innovative products, from odourless to comfort orientated to colourful designs, from height adjustment to secure armrests. Each of those potties is developed from safe materials and each has its own unique features that you will discover on their individual pages.

Baby Brands Direct is a leading global supplier of baby potties to the independent trade. Potties are of course a must-have item for any parent. The dynamic of the today’s baby and toddler industry have contributed to increasing innovation in this particular market segment. Innovation therefore plays a crucial role in parents buying power. The latest potties are eye-catchy with versatile novel designs that add entertainment for the little one. Our catalogue is an expression of all these points thus enabling independent retailers to stock items that parents would quickly love to buy. Besides, we our cutting-edge range along with the unbeatable price points make stocking for potties a worthy investment. As a dedicated online wholesaler, our customers can access us at any time anywhere they are.