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Fabric, design, safety, and practically are the details parents look for when purchasing baby sleepwear. It is important that children are able to have a comfortable and cosy sleep, ensuring that they are well rested and sleep throughout the night. Sleep is very important for children and a good night’s sleep is fundamental to ensuring that they grow healthily and are able to process key information. What baby wears to bed plays a big part in the bedtime experience for children, as getting too warm or too cold may cause them to wake up in the night or even cause illness. Therefore, it's important that parents buy high quality products that are suitable for every day use.

Baby Brands Direct offer fantastic baby and nursery products from leading brands, such as Tommee Tippee, SwaddleMe and Copper Pearl. Our range includes swaddles, sleepbags and sleepwear - all made from high quality fabrics designed to be comfortable, breathable and safe to wear all through the night. Each category boasts a range of attractive and stylish products, all available to buy wholesale at competitive prices.

Swaddles, Sleepbags & Sleepwear

Wholesale sleepwear, swaddles and sleepbags available to buy wholesale 

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for young children to make sure that they develop properly in these key stages of their early lives. From hormonal to physical development, lots of the body’s processes take place during sleep. The pituitary gland works mostly at night and is responsible for secreting important hormones, while the brain processes information and replaces lost chemicals during sleep. Being overtired can also result in irritability and drowsiness, which may result in tantrums and tears. 

Baby Brands Direct provides retailers with an extensive collection of baby sleepwear and sleep accessories, giving independent store owners a fantastic choice from top baby brands such as Tommee Tippee, SwaddleMe and Copper Pearl. Our swaddles, sleepbags and sleepwear category comprises of top quality products. It represents a range of different price points, numerous styles and unique features, so all mums and dads are sure to find something suitable for their little one’s needs. 

Our selection of warm and cosy Copper Pearl swaddle blankets provide children with comfort and security while they sleep. Swaddling a baby can help to suppress the child’s natural startle (Moro) reflex, stopping them from waking up in the night and ensuring they get a peaceful slumber. Swaddlebags are popular products, combining the benefits of swaddles and sleepbags and providing children with a cosy, secure cocoon to sleep in. The swaddlebags from SwaddleMe are made from lovely breathable materials and are designed to give children a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Tommee Tippee offer a variety of beautiful sleepbags available in different tog ratings to suit all environments. Their lovely unisex designs and patterns will appeal to a range of customers and the brand name carries an excellent reputation. The sleepbags feature easy to open zips and are great for changing nappies while baby is sleeping. Copper Pearl have a wonderful selection of baby sleepwear, hats and headbands - available in a variety of designs and patterns to suit different tastes. 

Register an account today with Baby Brands Direct to take advantage of our extensive catalogue, featuring products from over 60 different brands. We offer our wholesale customers exclusive perks and excellent service.