Take Along Toys

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Take along toys, such as linkable loop toys, are a fantastic sell-on item for retailers and a category that should not be ignored! If you sell large baby items such as buggies, prams, baby gyms. play mats and so on, keeping a good selection of take along toys will mean that you can always add on an extra product or two to the sale.

Even if you don’t stock so many larger baby items, take along toys are small items that are priced to encourage impulse buying. A mum out with baby in the pram might pick up a cute toy to amuse them while she continues her shopping trip, or may want to add to an existing toy with a favourite character toy such as Paddington Bear or Peter Rabbit.

We have chosen a wide selection of toys, with characters and animals to appeal to everyone, offering plenty of play value for babies, and names that parents trust such as Lamaze, Taf Toys, Tiny Love, Infantino, Rainbow Designs and VTech.

Take Along Toys

Why are linkable loop toys such good sellers?

Babies spend quite a lot of their lives in prams, car seats and buggies, or on play mats, and unless they are asleep they will benefit from stimulation and new experiences. Sometimes, however, Mum or Dad is busy driving, or dealing with a toddler, or simply enjoying having a chat with a friend over a coffee. The benefit of these toys is they can be attached to pretty much anything, so that you always have a little toy to keep the baby amused. A great place to put one is on the changing bag that goes everywhere when you take the baby out - so there’s always something to amuse them.

For retailers, the fact that these toys are relatively inexpensive, and so useful, is a great selling point. You can suggest one to keep on the car seat, one to go on the changing bag, another to hang from the pram hood and so on. They can also be easily switched if you want to add novelty to a play gym, or replace a toy that has got chewed or grubby. They also make lovely little gifts if someone is looking for a small thing to take with them when they visit a friend with a baby.

What are the benefits of linkable toys?

We’ve explained the benefits they represent for parents - a little entertainment and stimulation for babies while they are otherwise occupied. For babies, they have all kinds of benefits. For instance the Lamaze John Deere Tractor Clip & Go toy offers tactile stimulation with its crinkly

texture, while the turning wheel encourages motor skills and coordination. Others, like the Very Hungry Caterpillar Developmental Take Along Toy, have a rattle, silky ribbons and a teether tail. If your customer is after something a little more hi-tech, the Vtech Swing & Sing Monkey will sing songs and play melodies if you press his tummy, teaching baby cause and effect. Many of the toys have bright colours and contrasting patterns that encourage visual stimulation and visual coordination. Hand-eye coordination is also encouraged as the baby tries to grasp hold of the toy. Babies can also develop a sense of self as they can see themselves in the baby-safe mirror that appears on many of the toys, including the Infantino Go Gaga Playtime Pals.

Like all of our toys designed for young babies, who love to explore new objects and textures with their mouths, all of our linkable loop toys are made by brands we all know and trust, and which we know adhere to the strictest safety regulations. So you can be assured that you are selling the best-quality, safest toys to your customers.