Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Toy

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  • Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Toy
  • Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Toy
  • Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Toy
  • Tiny Love Double Sided Crib Toy
Product code : TL-TOY04

Tiny Love presents Double-Sided Crib Toy, an innovative and award winning crib toy suitable from birth to 12 months. This multi-feature crib toy encourages baby’s independent exploration and helps them to fall asleep by themselves when it is time for bed. It features a double-sided design, one to stimulate baby during the day while the other soothes them to sleep at night. During a baby’s earliest months, this Double-Sided Crib Toy hangs from the side of the crib, playing 30 minutes of calm music and displaying twinkling lights while baby lies in their cot bed. The unique “white sounds” remind baby of sounds they had heard in the womb and helps them to relax.

As baby grows, they can sit up in their crib and independently discover the rattling and musical features that encourage playful sensory development. The baby will enjoy the five engaging activities on the farm yard such as the musical tapping pad and spinning rattle ball. It easily switches from a toy to a soother and can be used as a crib-side or overhead soother with twinkling lights and calming music. Once baby can sit up independently, they can take along the Tiny Love Double-Sided Crip Toy which features a carrying handle and allows toddlers to easily carry their favourite toy to play away from the cot bed. Parents can continue to use the soothing option of the Tiny Love Double-Sided Crip Toy as part of their bedtime routine to help their child to find their way to fall asleep independently.


  • Suitable from birth to approx. 12 months
  • Engaging crib toy that converts into a charming bedtime soother
  • 3 modes of use: crib toy, soother and sit & play
  • Toy’s numerous features stimulate baby’s senses and encourage development
  • Farm yard with 5 activities  to entertain baby
  • Easy switch from toy to soother with twinkling lights with calming music
  • Cute musical soother offers 2 modes of use: crib-side and overhead
  • Removable with carrying handle for toddlers
  • Plays 30 minutes of music, lullaby and white sound
  • Two volume options
  • Universal connector fits most cribs & play yards
  • Requires 3xAA/LR6 (1.5V) batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 5 x 33.5 x 36 cm