Tiny Love Double Sided First Book

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  • Tiny Love Double Sided First Book
  • Tiny Love Double Sided First Book
  • Tiny Love Double Sided First Book
Product code : TL-BOK01

Tiny Love presents the Double Sided First Book, a dual-stage illustration book suitable from birth to 6 months that encourages visual stimulation and promotes the development of baby’s senses and cognitive skills. This book has two sides with different colour schemes and variety of activities to support babies development in two different stages. One side features a black, white and pink colour scheme with a mirror, which is ideal to be used for younger babies. Parents can place the Double Sided First Book in the cod bed or carrycot which allows your little one to see it in close distance. These high contract colours provide subtle visual stimulation and help a newborn to pick out the differences in shapes and patterns.

For the next stage in baby’s development, the Tiny Love Double Sided First Book features a side with a bright colour scheme and complex 3D illustration to provide intense visual stimulation for older babies. From the age of approx. 3 months, parents can use this colourful side to encourage extended tummy-time. When your little one lies on their stomach, they will raise their head and look at the book. Thus they strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles to learn independent head lifting. Babies adore playing peek-a-boo and will enjoy the various crinkly and rattling activities in the book. Easily foldable, baby can take along they favourite first book wherever they go.


  • High contrast black, white and red images stimulate baby's sight
  • Variety of soft textures and crinkly elements intrigue baby
  • Helps extend tummy time
  • Easy to fold and take along